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Flooring and stone

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Hi all, I am wondering where is the best place to buy wood flooring strips and/or stone pieces to use in miniature? I am working on refurbishing a dollhouse that used real stone on the exterior and for some flooring (it looks like slate), and has wood flooring elsewhere. There is some damage so I need to do repairs. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!

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Hello Booknut, it is great to see we still have miniaturists in the creative universe that are still creating!  These three vendors come to mind...

I have purchased from Stacey's Miniature Masonry in the UK, when  I attended the Kensington Dollhouse Festival in 2019.  https://www.miniaturebricks.com/



You may need to cut and paste into your browser...

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Real wood floor board replacements might be sourced from S H Goode & Sons, in California. 


Here is a recommendation from Artisans Noel & Pat Thomas....


These links should work.  (I replaced my hard drive a few weekends ago, and my links are not working consistently!)

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