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Knitted English Tea Cozy --A class proposal

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Okay, so after about 8 trial runs and many failures, I have finally come up with a design for a cottage tea cozy that actually looks like a cottage.  this is a design I am working on as a proposal for a class for Guild School in 2015--I welcome any kind of input in terms of how the design might be improved and am curious to know if any knitters out there would be interested in taking a class to learn to make this...I will be collaborating with Jane Graber who would make the tea pots for the class. 




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I like the tea cozy, it is adorable!  I don't think I'll be ready for a decade to mini knit in a class room setting... what size needles are you using the for class?  If I show up, you may want to retire from teaching mini knitting; remember I had to take a class in real life to learn how to purl, as I couldn't  purl from a book or watching it on utube. (Currently, I knit in a modified European method where I have to hold the thread with my left hand.) I wonder if a house teapot would be really unusual, and that would put us crazy textile people over the edge and we would sign up anyway?  There are two parts to the decision making of choosing a class when artists collaborate.  I will die if I don't get to learn to make that tea cosy / and I will die if I don't get that one of kind for classroom only teapot from Jane Graber!  Well done!  Tamra/Indiana

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Natalia Frank

That is so incredibly adorable and a great idea for a class. Teapots and tea cozy is my one of my favorite subjects. I collect miniature tea pots and absolutely would love to make tea cozy!

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