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Goose & Rabbit

Catherine Ronan

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Catherine Ronan

I haven't done much sculpting with polymer clay. Partly because I hate how soft it is. I am very glad to hear that there is a new clay coming out soon with much better working qualities. These are two resent pieces  I made in 1: 12 scale. The goose is flocked with pure silk embroidery floss I cut into dust. The feathers are white turkey. The rabbits coat is Alpaca.




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They make me smile every time I see them, they are fantastic, Catherine. Hope the new clay comes soon, I would love to see what you do with it.

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Corky Anderson

Catherine, The goose and rabbit are wonderful.  I love the idea of using silk embroidery floss as it provides so many opportunities for color shading and refining.  Your rabbit is very reminiscent of the batch that are currently visiting my back yard for general grazing and finding shade to spread out in.  I have to go into the yard prior to letting my dogs out and alert the rabbits as well as the quail who have lots of tiny flightless babies with them this time of year.


Please let us know what your opinions of the new clays are ….. always good to know about supplies.

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