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Debora Beijerbacht

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Debora Beijerbacht

Below is a great link I use every once in a while; it's the Wood-Database. Here you can browse through woods by common name, scientific name or appearance.




I've found it be a helpful guide to select the right kind of woods for the various jobs i'd had. It also was helpful to determine what sort of woods were in a big package of assorted veneers that i'd bought online once. Besides that there are lots of articles on all sort of wood related subjects. For instance;




If you didn't know it yet, I highly recommend the read. It's something i think we should all be aware of when working (our power tools) in a dusty environment. Some woods are not as innocent as they might seem and can cause serious harm to our lungs or skin. Even if you are using a form of dust extraction, it's better to be safe then sorry :)




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Wm. R. Robertson

That is a very interesting site, thanks. One thing I owner about is of all the woods out there just how many are good for miniatures?.. Maybe 10%?.... Just a guess...... And then there are all those kind of freak pieces that grew extra slow and hence have really fine grain.... Maybe they were in bad soil, or behind a bigger tree and had there light blocked.

I have two wisteria bushes next to each other, one grows over a hundred feet a year! I think it is the plant from the Little Shop of Horrors, and the other planted at the same time bought from the same place 17 years ago has barely reached 20 feet in all these years?

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What are our favorite hardwoods used by miniaturists?  Holly, Pear, Ash, Cherry, Maple and Walnut?  Basswood?  I remember a gentleman correcting me that basswood, was technically a hardwood, and I have not looked it up.... and then along the toxicity issue, how many people with allergies have been tested for wood allergies?  I have a piece of pine that has tiny birdseyes... now how did that happen?  I love wood!  And even though we would not typically use a species, I am always looking through the stash for slow growth boards... and I have access through DH's daily activities to get the pick of the litter!  Its kind of like fabric around here; but doesn't fold easily.

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