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High Jacking a Thread?

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For those that have not played on Forums much the term "High Jacking a Thread" is when someone posts a response and takes the subject away from the original poster's (OP) subject. As example...

Someone starts a thread about working at a potters wheel shaping a clay vase, and in the corner of the photo of this potter's wheel is their chair, a reply is posted that goes into detail about the kind of chair they sit in, next thing you there are 6 reply posts about chairs.

But there are two problems with this, first the OP wanted a discussion on potter's wheel, now nobodies talking about that. The second problem is now we have a great discussion about chairs but it is buried in a post on potter's wheels making it hard to find later, only seen by those that were part of the original thread and not found in a search.

The way to make this better and to solve this is if you want to comment on anything, and please do, that is not under the subject of the original thread just start a new one, in the example above it might be titled " What kind of chair do sit in?"...... Something like this would fit under General or maybe Tools where the examples Potter's wheel post would have been under Ceramics. This way it will be seen by more readers

Now this does happen just like in a conversation between real people sitting talking together. But with a little thought we can all try to avoid it making the forum better for everyone in the future.

Thank you.

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