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Photobucket holding my photos hostage.

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Bill Hudson

Note:  If you are using Photobucket to post third party photos (such as this forum) you now have to pay them $399 a year.  This was with out advance notice. I have tuns of photos in my bucket but can not use them unless I pay the ransom. Fortunately we do not have to use PB to post photos here. At first I was using PB here.It is possible you may find some of my early posting photos blocked. If you find such let me know and if possible, I will try to repost them.

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Ugh! Almost all my photos on here are photobucket hosted as is Bill R's, I can still see my photos on here but not his. I am not sure who else used photobucket exclusively for sharing their photos on the forum. I for one don't have time to change them all now.

Also the forum limits us I think to 1000 kb per post, which means when I repost the photos it won't accept all of them except if I resize them which will make them maybe too small to see all the detail which matters in miniature. To keep the sizes means that some of the photos will either have to be leftout of the original post or added at the end of the thread and that will mess up logically following the thread. 

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