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Found 4 results

  1. No more (ahem, additional) projects. Right? (laughing). This year, my building was going to be an 18th century English cottage/Georgian with a saddlery shop on the first floor catering to fox hunters. To kill some time while waiting for our dog to be finished at the vet, my husband and I went to breakfast and still had some time after that. So we went to a resale shop we had never been to, just down the street from the vet. We walked around and when we came to the washing machines, I stopped. My mind was processing something I thought I saw on the floor as we came in. A dollhouse? Had to have been a Barbie house. Or something like that. Plastic? I went back and examined it. No, it was wood and 1:12 scale. The more I looked, the more I liked it. Then told myself I did not NEED another project. To leave it there. The lady working there said it was $50 and came with a bag of furniture. FOOOM! It was in my car. The dog had to share the seat with it going home.
  2. The black cat needed a Halloween Pumpkin. I'm a fan of Sugarcharmshop on You Tube and used her method of making a polymer clay Jack O Lantern. Got a flicker LED tea candle at the dollar store and took it apart to see how it worked. I got it to work in the lantern and the battery can be changed. It's not finished though. Still have to do some work with acrylic paints and shading and then seal it with glaze.
  3. WeekendMiniaturist

    Scale Spiral Turnings

    Guild School 2017, students had the opportunity to learn to do a spiral turning for a lamp with Artisan, Iluia Chin Lee. I admit it, I have fallen for my lathe and enjoying romancing the lathe... and I also read lost art press' blog when I want to divert my brain... Think turning a spiral is a challenge? (Definitely, I haven't tried it yet!) Why not try to do this for a cathedral? I have never met anyone associated with the Lost Art Press (LAP), but gosh, this makes me want to buy the Charles Haywood Book(s) from LAP. Look for a post from June 12, 2017... https://blog.lostartpress.com/2017/06/12/woodworking-on-a-grand-scale/ If the structure was 54' high how large was the cross slide? Gosh, I wish I could time travel to see how they did this!
  4. I enjoy making mini plates in the style of Wedgwood blue jasper ware but have a wee bit of a dilemma. As you can see from the picture the sculpt in the centre is proportionally somewhat larger than in the real thing. I can make smaller sculpts but I have found that when I do so the plates seem to loose their appeal. It is as if my eyes find the centre pieces too small to be of interest. So I make them larger. Is this a bad decision? I would appreciate any feedback on this or any other aspect of the plate. I would like to improve.
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