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Found 2 results

  1. Ben

    Painting of a little girl

    I thought that I’d post a painting I’ve been working on for a few months. I read that you could paint on copper, and that sounded awesome. I like to paint on a rigid surface rather than canvas. I’ve tried thin pieces of wood and pieces of rigid polyethylene. The wood will warp when you apply gesso to it if you try to paint on thin pieces of it. I really experimented with wood to try to figure out how I could get around that, but with not much success- although I was able to do it somewhat. Next came the polyethylene sheet that I found at an art store. I roughed up the surface with sand paper and then gessoed it. That was fine, but it’s plastic you know. Plastic just doesn’t seem like a long term material- but, it’s all I could think of. But I read that artists in the past would paint on copper, and it has so many positives. For instance you just rough up the surface for the paint and there is no need to gesso. Anyway, I haven’t painted a lot lately but I thought I’d post this just for fun.
  2. Hi Everybody! My name is Barbara Stanton. I'm an artist specializing in Portraits and Miniatures. My miniature landscapes, still lifes and portraits are done in a very traditional, realistic style, many of them are on fine silk canvases. I have always enjoyed the details in my paintings and with miniatures the entire painting is detail. My biggest fans are the dollhouse miniature collectors but you don't have to have a dollhouse to enjoy my little paintings. Each original comes with it's own easel so you can display them anywhere! My work can be found all over the world including Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, France, Netherlands, Israel, Canada & the USA. I do work on commission if you have a special painting in mind and haven't been able to find it. Let me help you create that image for you, big or small. I've been painting for more than thirty five years now and have mastered my technique but I continue to seek new challenges. Teaching is my latest endeavor and I have two weekly workshops for kids and adults in my home town of Livermore, CA. I also do miniature painting workshops all over and have taught at the IGMA guild school twice now. I now have two instruction videos on DVD . "Miniature Oil Painting Lesson, Mossbrea Creek" and "the Spotted Huntress" a portrait of a Cheetah. You can also find my color mixing theory on YouTube. I have been working on life drawings for a couple of years now. These nudes are done mostly in pastels, but I have a few watercolors and pen & ink drawings as well. Lately I've been drawing on my iPad. I really enjoy drawing the human figure from life. I only have ten to twenty minutes to draw the model so the drawings are done fast and furious. Occasionally we get an extra long pose and then I get a chance to really get flesh tones and a more complete drawing. I hope you will add me to your favorite artist list and love my work as much as I enjoy doing it. I show and sell my work in various local and national Art and Miniature shows, and Art Galleries. I have been an IGMA Artisan (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) since 1997 and as of April 2001 became a Guild Fellow! I am now a signature member of Miniature Painters, Sculptures & Gravers Society (MPSGS) & Miniature Artists of America (MAA). Visit my website! I have a large selection of miniature oil paintings, prints and other examples of my work on my site. I Take a few moments and visit and tell me what you think. http://www.barbarastanton.com/
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