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Found 4 results

  1. Creativhook

    Dolls by Heidi Ott

    Good day colleagues! I'm Olga. I design miniature doll clothes from Heidi Ott. Can I ask you a question? How many on this forum fans of these dolls? Perhaps they communicate in another forum and I will be glad of your help. Yours Olga
  2. roxannmi

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hi everyone my name is Roxanne Mitchell and I am from Taylorsville, NC. So happy to have found this forum! I have been a miniaturist since about 2004. I collect other artisans work and I also make quite a few things myself. I have done miniature baskets, trunks, roomboxes, dolls, animals, quilts, beds, blankets and afghans, pillows, furniture, jars and bowls, plates, really just whatever I see that I like and I say , I bet I could make one of those! Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and looking forward to doing a bit of lurking and learning. My profile on facebook is open if any of you want to know more about me and feel free to friend me there and message me there.
  3. Just curious as to what you all find to be your ideal polymer clay (or blend) for various applications. I'm trying out a few new combinations (for figure sculpting) and I'm curious as to what to avoid in terms of common errors as well as "Aha" moments. Thanks! Mike Barbour
  4. Just wanted to share my latest work, a roombox which is a copy of a painting by Cornelius De Man "Chess Players". It is all finished except one miniature painting, I left the frame for it in the room. Here is the original painting: And what we have for now: Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr This roombox was commissioned by Miniatura Galata, The Museum of Art Miniatures, Loket, Czech Republic. It is not open to public yet, they are reconstructing the exhibition space. The interior and furniture were made by me, the dolls are made by my Mom, Lyubov Morozova (we had three version of the dolls, and what you see is the latest version of them). The rug is designed and stitched by Natalia Frank. The paintings are copied by our client's wife. It was a very interesting project, it took about a year to finish it due to the real life events ( my baby girl was born at the time, so I took some time off and had to slow down with the work). A lot of research was made to build the furniture and accessories, though our main goal was to give the right impression and feeling of the painting. We also used two other paintings by de Man, who was not really good at drawing people, that's why we had so much work with making dolls. So some details were copied from other de Man's paitings, like the fireplace and chimney details, the walls decoration etc. The cat is missing though Our client didn't find the artisan for it, but I hope it'll take its place in the future. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think de Man didn't paint the rest of the table (to the right from the lady) - it looks out of proportion to me. Anyway, it was a fantastic challenge to try to copy the painting, find the right colors, textures, materials. Our client is happy about the result and so we are! Let me show you some more pictures: Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Cornelis De Man Chess Players Roombox by vika-m, on Flickr Here are the chairs: Chair upholstery by vika-m, on Flickr I hope Natalia Frank will join me here soon to tell more about her wonderful rug!
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