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Miniature Masterworks Kansas City, MO


IGMA Calendar

Miniature Masterworks at the National Musuem of Toys an Miniatures (T/m) will be held September 15-17, 2017.  To participate in Friday's preview, follow this link to purchase tickets.



I wonder what wonderful creations our artisans and fellows will create for this show - only 3 months to finish those one of kind / limited pieces for the collectors!

Did you buy your ticket? 

August 11, 2017, Update

The Masterworks Committee is pleased to share the schedule of additional events

10am The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures (T/m) opens 
10am-2:30pm Artist and Patron Benefit Party, and Miniature Masterworks Preview and Sale ticket packets available for pickup at T/m
3pm The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures (T/m) closes 
5pm-6pm Artist and Patron Benefit Party T/m reopens for Patron Ticket holders
5:30pm Winners of the Barbara Marshall Award for Artistic Achievement announced 
6pm-9pm Miniature Masterworks Preview and Sale 
10am T/m and Miniature Masterworks opens 
10:30am Gallery talk: Annelle Ferguson 
11:30am Gallery talk: Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers 
12:30pm Gallery talk: Elizabeth McInnis 
1:30pm Gallery talk: Maria Jose Santos 
2:30pm Gallery talk: Leslie Smith 
3:15pm Gallery talk: Laura Taylor, T/m’s curator of interpretation and Lindsay Mican Morgan, keeper of the Thorne Rooms 
4pm T/m and Miniature Masterworks closes 
10am T/m and Miniature Masterworks opens
10:30am Gallery talk: Nell Corkin 
11:30am Gallery talk: Jeffrey Gueno 
12:30pm Gallery talk: Jens Torp 
1:30pm Gallery talk: Johannes Landman 
2:30pm Gallery talk: Beth Freeman-Kane 
3:15pm Gallery talk: Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel 
4pm T/m and Miniature Masterworks closes

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