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2021 Chicago International Miniature Show & Workshops


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Message received in email, 01/14/2021:
We are so very sorry to announce that the virus continues to prevent us from conducting our April, Chicago International show.  It has become necessary for us to once again reschedule the show.  Our new dates are July 16, 17, 18, 2021 with workshops starting on Monday, July 12th.  All workshop fees, and preview tickets will automatically be transferred over to the July show.  If you already have a preview ticket and/or have registered for a workshop we will need each of you to reconfirm with us that you will indeed be attending the July show.  You may either email, telephone or write to us with your confirmation.  All Marriott hotel room reservations for April have been canceled so it will be necessary for you to contact the Marriott (1-800-228-9290) to rebook your rooms or you may also book via the Marriott link on our web site at: bishopshow.com 
Three things must occur before we can successfully do the show again.  Vaccinations must be available to all who want them by March/April, Chicago must open up for conventions again and international travel must be available as 1/3 of our dealers/customers are international.
We sincerely thank all of you for your patience and understanding, this has been very difficult for all of us to deal with.  We are hoping that July will work but if not we will go on to the next year. The show will go on again, it’s just a matter of time.
Leni & Tom Bishop

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