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IGMA Guild Show moves to new Location 2017

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A quick visit to the IGMA.org website, and I see the site has been updated and has listed some of the instructors for the 2017 Guild Show.  Do you admire the work of Elga, one of our contributors in the forum?  I see that she is listed as an instructor at the Guild Show.   I know that some of the artisans that are instructing have posted in the forum... can you find their posts? Want to tip-toe into the world of using machines for woodworking?  Try a class with the Boorums!  Do you really admire miniature needlework?  I can't wait to find out what classes Natalia and Teresa are offering.

The forum is a great opportunity to talk with the people whose work we admire-- we may get to see their mini masterpieces in person, a friends collection or in one of the Miniature Magazines... or online at their websites...

Following is a list of 2017 Guild Show Class instructors.

Check back in early February for class projects, descriptions and details.

Pete and Pam Boorum
Natalia Frank
Beth Freeman-Kane
Bev Gelfand
Daniela Kiefhaber
Elga Koster
Teresa Layman
Jeannie Lindquist
Deb Mackie
Marcie McClain

Jeanne Rullie
Patrizia Santi/Roberta Solari
Ron Stetkewicz
Barbara Studebaker
Bill Studebaker
Fran Sussman
Barbara Wilson
Marie Wilson
Geoffrey Wonnacott
Michael Yurkovic

I really treasure my learning experiences with IGMA.  Guild School, Guild Study Programs and Workshops are an excellent way to learn from some of the finest US and INTERNATIONAL Artisans. 

Oh!  I can't wait to see the offerings!

This may be the largest class offerings at the Guild Show ever... 2017 is going to be a great year!



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For me it made sense to offer to teach since I am already going to the US for the Miniature Masterworks show. I am very excited about my class proposal, stylewise something a bit different for me but I thoroughly enjoyed making it. Are you planning on going Tamra?

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I wasn't planning to go to the Guild Show, but as of now, I am 110% tempted with the posted list of instructors!


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As I anxiously wait for the classes to show up on line... did you all catch that breakfast is included with your hotel stay?  Desserts on Friday???

Free and did I read EARLY Admission for Guild Members???  


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The Guild Show info has updated!  We have a list of dealers and classes! 


If the link doesn't work -->


click on the bar at the top of the Guild's website for Guild Show pull down list...


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