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Can some one help me : I want to age a Mediterranean style tile roof, and a tiled kitchen floor.

also age a black too shiny stove

thank you !

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What are the items made from that you want to age?

Wood items can be aged by leaving them outdoors, and the processed can be hastened with chalk, acrylic and india ink.  

If an item is too shiny, test rubbing it with some very high grit sandpaper (400 grit or higher) on the bottom and see if you can decrease the shine.   LIGHTLY, do not sand with a heavy hand as you can remove paint or finish... you can also paint over it with a paint that has less shine.

Oh... are your familiar with the brilliance of Pat & Noel Thomas?  You may find some techniques on her blog.  Pat shared many of their techniques in the Nutshell News Magazines articles, too.

Does anyone know if the Thomas still sell their magical "bug juice"?

The model railroading community has done a great job on the topic of weathering and you may be able to find books or magazines at your local library.



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