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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I came back to miniatures in 2013 after our family move to the Isle of Wight. I was very interested during my early childhood (although, as with most young kids, things passed) but now older - 22 - I rediscovered miniatures and how captivating they are. I have been making miniatures since early 2014 - it really is where my future belongs. I joined IGMA last night and am so excited to discover new Artisans and learn about different miniature creations. I make a range of pieces - from OOAK individual pieces and complete sets, to wood turned and needlepoint items - however, my main focus is food related items. My pieces are for sale at our family run Shop in Yarmouth (on the Isle of Wight) and also available online via my website. - I also accept commissions of various requests too! - In Wonderland Miniatures. http://www.inwonderlandminiatures.co.uk/ There are so many fantastic miniaturists, I could never name my favourite - but I love the characters crafted by David Ward, as well as the beauty of the rooms created by Mulvany & Rogers and The Model Room - and the realism captured by Paul Davey in every piece he does.....oh, I could go on, there truly are too many wonderful artisans. (I hope this hasn't been too long or rambling...) My very Best Wishes to all. Eleanor Stevens
  2. Victoria

    Hello from Victoria.

    Hello, My name is Victoria, I live in Moscow, Russia. I started making miniatures five years ago, at first it was a birthday gift for my Mom, a small roombox,at the time I had no special tools, still it was a very special experience. Since then I tried to make all kinds of miniatures - polymer clay food, petit point, bobbin lace in miniature, but furniture making is still my favourite. This kind of hobby was very very new in Russia when I began building my first dollhouse, so my blog was the only one on the subject, it felt a bit lonely. Later I discovered a wonderful community on Blogger and Facebook, I feel very lucky to be invited to this forum too! This is my latest project - bedroom set in art nouveau style, brass-inlaid chair and a dresser, all made of pear wood. We have no IGMA like guilds or schools, so I'm in a steep learning curve - woodworking books and Youtube videos are still the best source of information It's wonderful to be here with all of you.
  3. Elly

    Hello from Elly, Amsterdam

    Hi all, I am Elly , living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have spotted several friends here already ! Waving to all of them , sorry no names, as am sure I am going to forget someone :-( . And yes, I will attach a picture as soon as my laptop, which goes on strike each 5 minutes, is going to listen to me for a minute. I am one of the petitpointers, I also love dressing dolls- and besides, collecting miniatures. Cheers, Elly
  4. Laura Taylor


    Greetings! My name is Laura Taylor and I am the educator for The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City. I've worked in the museum field for about 15 years and I have spent the last 8 years at the T/m. I have always loved small objects and I am also interested in the decorative arts so this museum is the perfect niche for me! I look forward to seeing the forum grow!
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