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Found 1 result

  1. Wee Cute Treasures

    Knitting: 1mm vs 0.7mm needles

    Please will someone help me! I am a very experienced RL knitter and have successfully knit with 1mm needles and DMC Perle Cotton # 8. I have knit cushions and a little bunny, photo to be attached if I can! I recently knit a simple lace blanket using 1mm needles and #80 crochet/tatting cotton called Special Dentelles by DMC. I could handle this with no problems whatsoever. However, I would now like to knit even finer work, in particular a little throw or rug which will be either textured with stitch variation, simple lace pattern or stranded using a maximum of two colours per row. So my question is - would moving to 0.7mm needles make a difference in terms of stitches per inch? And..... what thread should I use with this size needle? Would the #80 crochet thread work up much smaller on the 0.7mm needles compared to the 1mm? I like the quality of the #80 crochet thread but is there a Venne Colcotton I should be using instead that would be finer? Will I get finer work from using smaller needles (ie 0.7mm) or by using finer thread and 1mm needles or both? Many thanks.
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