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Found 1 result

  1. WeekendMiniaturist

    Chicago 2015 Guild Study Program

    I frequently think of the Thorne Rooms as some of the finest miniatures that we can see... I must admit that miniatures hold that place in my heart, "a happy place" as the creativity and results that I see in the miniature community in the U.S. is amazing...ordinary people doing extraordinary work. I've always told myself that if the GSP was held locally, where I can drive... that I definitely will try and attend. I enjoyed my class with Allison Ashby and Steve Jedd's contribution to our project. 11 students participated in Allison's class where we worked on the rococco overmantle of The Thorne Room, English Bedroom of the Georgian Period, 1760-75. Our prework was promptly sent allowing us to focus our creativity by working to shade a template; this created an opportunity to view the overmantle with a different vision; that is, a sort of 3-d vision. Our assignment was to shade and draw the details of the overmantle with a pencil. Day 1: Allison supplied us with a set of wax carving tools, clay, and pattern for the overmantle. We began modeling with clay... with Allison's instruction and demonstration. I did not experience much progress on Day 1, and Allison was prepared and managed our expectations well, advising us early in the day, that Day 2 will be much better. Day 2: She was correct, and the ability to herd the clay with our tools was beginning to happen! Day 3: I thought most of the class participants were very relaxed and enjoying our final day. Except for Petitpoint; this might be the slowest medium that I have ever attempted to use... still I am pleased with my efforts as a beginner learning a new technique, and also pleased that such wonderful results can be obtained with some modeling tools, xacto knife and some fine sandpaper. I have been working dilligently, as I was apprenhensive that I would lose the technique if I didn't keep working on it when I returned home; so I continued to work the next evening after returning from Chicago. Here are some photos of my progress... 18 hours of class time 10/5/2015 10/12/2015 and the "laying tool" that I created as part of my cursory 100 hours exercise on a wood lathe 10.19.15 You can see in the photos that some progress has been made each week - and I am hoping to be finished with the carving in 4-5 weeks... It was a wonderful class! If anyone has the book, Percy Macquoid's "Dictionary of English Furniture (1924-27)" or the Dover reprint Volumes 1-4, please let me know if the Bed is truly in the books as indicated in the Copy of the description written in the Thorne Rooms Book, "Miniature Rooms". I would like to see if the bed is a remote possibility... the crown of the bed looks like water drops in motion and it might be a fun, although insane item to consider as a future project. I will try and source the wallpaper from Susan Bembridge Designs in the UK.... and I am planning on using this bedroom in the dream structure build... appears that it will be Georgian structure.... A Foredom flex shaft tool can be used for this project... but so far I have only used hand tools, so for those miniaturists who are fond of power tools, you can obtain wonderful results without power tools. I hope Allison considers offering this kind of class again in the future; as I think there are more miniaturists who would enjoy learning this technique. oh... and the Salmon was wonderful Friday night, and the hotel staff was accomodating... they even brought us warm cookies one afternoon... Definitely a great experience, so I hope others will participate in a Guild Study Program in the future! Tamra As a sidenote, the "laying tool" is used to assist a needleworker to pull threads tightly against the tool, and then you slip the tool out. It allows you to lay your threads evenly... the tool is not frequently used for petipoint, but it is a nice tool and gift for a needleworker... I took the photo with the project for our Petitpointers group.
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