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    I painted some leaves, highlighted the mill a little. I put in some more goats. All together not a lot done, but enough to take a picture of.
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    If I get back to LA County Museum of Art, I will definitely check to see if the painting is available to see. We were just in Los Angeles last October... Of all the items we miniaturize in the community, I think paintings are on the top of my, "This is Art!" list. I see the goats and I think I see a person? on the left. Miniaturizing full scale items to 1/12th scale requires a lot of skill, some degree of patience is required to miniaturize for our skill, but anything where you decide on color and another example the proper shading in petitpoint, requires a different set of skill.
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    I’m posting a new one. I have put the water wheel in and did some other small detail; also worked on the foreground with a trail and the rolling hills and distant hills.
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