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    Hope every one is enjoying the Holidays and looking forward to a very good New Year.
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    Three volume set with slipcase Still a few issues to work out but they are getting better I think The Life of Napoleon Volume I: The House of Bonaparte Volume II: The Grande Armee Volume III: Napoleon's Marshals
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    Self taught been working on it about 2 to 3 months. Each one is a learning experience as I fine tune my process and materials. I plan on doing a whole series of art books, currently I have two mapped out, Canova and Thorvaldsen, with a Jacques-Louis David in the works, but I plan to do many of the classical artists, focusing on neoclassical and Academic art. Alma-Tadema, Godward, Bouguereau, the list is endless
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    Tamra, you should definitely use the grr-ripper on your life size saw. When ripping a longer length on my Proxxon or on a full size router table, I use 2 of them in a leap-frog fashion. I really like this tool. So much safer! And you can get a 1/8” add on for thin rips.
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    Tony posted in our Taig groups.io forum that 2nd edition of this Book, The Taig/Peatol Lathe: and its accessories is now available on Amazon. I have the first edition and found it very useful when I was new with my Taig lathe and now that I am up to the 'basic' user of the lathe I find it more resourceful when troubleshooting. "The Taig Micro Lathe, known as the Peatol Lathe in the UK, is a popular "desk-top" lathe, widely used in a variety of applications from clockmaking and model engineering through to pen-turning and pool cue manufacture. Its simplicity, sound engineering, and rugged design, coupled with a very competitive price, have gained it an enthusiastic following worldwide.In this book, the basics of setting up and adjusting the lathe are covered, and the wide range of standard accessories are described. The later sections describe a range of enhancements that can be made to the lathe to increase its versatility, along with further accessories that the owner can make using the lathe.Tony Jeffree has owned and used a Taig lathe for several years, during which time he has written a number of articles about the lathe and other aspects of model engineering, for Model Engineer and Model Engineers' Workshop magazines." Other versions of Lathe books that I have purchased use the Sherline for reference...
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    They are readable each one about 55 pages, 100% cotton paper, gilt edges. Each marshal is labeled and has his portrait, each member of the imperial family the same. The Grande Armee features the work of Hippolyte Bellangé The slipcase needs some work next one will be better. I used to have a set of The Campaigns of Napoleon in three volumes with a similar case I think Folio Society did it. Next up a two volume set of Homer using the illustrations of John Flaxman
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