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    I have started on a new project. It is a Georgian campaign copper field kettle kit. The kit is a large water kettle which contains, stored inside during transport, a small tea kettle, a chocolate pot and a braziers to heat the two. It also contains a small flask and two other containers for tea and possibly chocolate. There is a wooden handle that fits both the chocolate pot and the teapot. Alllare made from copper with possibly brass trimmings. Today I developed the forming plug and made a paper mockup kettle to test the patterns.
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    It is a field Kettle set. What you call a box is a large water kettle. Stored inside the kettle are accessories for making tea and hot chocolate. At this point in time I don't know much more about it. I am just starting to gather information to start developing it. Then I will develop drawings and patterns before even thinking of cutting metal. Once I reach point of sharing I will start a new thread just for it.
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    A little more: designing and making braces, brackets and rings. Because of the smaller scale I modified the brackets on the side of the cart. The drawings are applied to brass via spray mastic and are then cut out with a jeweler saw. These will be the upright braces that hold the body to the frame. The rings will be mounted on the sides at various places. I will not be making as many as are on the original cart. Some carts do not have these rings or a any of them as on the original cart. I think on this cart they are more decorative than utility. Upon close inspection of the original photos, the side brackets with huge nails are not in reality large nails, just applications fo decorative purposes. Close inspection of the photo shows these are plates with the applied bumps. The plates are nailed to the cart via smaller nails.
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