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    Hi, Bill I show two photos, one by accident, on my computer. I'll attach another one and maybe the wheel will appear.
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    Guild School 2019 still has openings in classes. Some are full, but there are lots of great classes available. Check out the Guild School pages on the website. http://igma.org/guild_school/index.html
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    It is interesting request for online classes. Having just the experience of preparing to teach for my miniature club in the past, it takes up a lot of time to teach, and I can only imagine how much prep I would need to do online classes. I think for our Artisans who create miniatures on a full-time basis, would need their time to produce and sell, but they might consider online classes if folks were to pay and subscribe. So each of us have to ask ourselves how much would you be willing to pay? If any artisans are interested in the ability to chat over a phone line and share a monitor, I have this software in my office for our phone system, so I could give you a demonstration on this one, so you can see how it works, my work load is lighter in the summer months, so I can schedule this kind of demo in Jun, Jul, Aug. Having used this kind of software electronically for the past year, it can be challenging for the person at the other end, who does not know how to install files, or does not even know where the files have been installed on their computers... so what sounds like it is easy; is still work from a person where the are self-employed as full-time miniaturists. (I am not employed as a miniaturist - I am pretty sure you have to finish them to sell them.) I'm glad you found Ron's facebook page; I suspect that all small business may find it challenging to produce inventory, ship, attend shows, and stay current with social media a challenge, and I think Ron is his only employee unless one of children is assisting to learn the trade. Time vs. income might be the number one reason our artisans don't maintain incredible websites in addition to producing miniatures that captivate us! I'm just happy when I get to to to shows and my favorite artisans have inventory to sell to me! Finding that perfect hardware for a door can produce my own - I want to finish this project sense of urgency! Ron is a 2nd generation miniaturist! Mr. Hudson has some incredible information here on the fine miniatures forum, and there have been 100s of books published for making miniatures in additions to thousands and thousands of magazine articles, depending on the subject matter you want to learn. Mr. Robertson also has some incredible posts on the forum here that illustrate how he makes things, and if you watch his KC Ted Talk, it is another glimpse into the Artist and his processes. If you want to make furniture, I think The Scale Cabinetmaker Magazines and booklets are the Best! The magazines and booklets are available online as pdfs, and you can purchase them on eBay. I bet there are some YouTube Videos for turning small items on line; but I have never looked for them; I have looked at other subjects, but strangely when it comes to turning, I usually go back to a book when I'm at home and left to my own devices for learning. There are several foundational classes on wood turning in books. And you can still attend classes in your own community for full size items; you just need to always be thinking about how to miniaturize to the scale desired. I attended Marc Adams school of woodworking last year, to learn about Stereotomy. I needed to understand how to apply a drawing on paper and transfer it to wood - If you want to Casting Hardware, then I would look at the jewelry community for classes and/or books and webinars.
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    I love the Guild School experience; if you want to learn from some of the finest instructors in 2019, the classes that are full are noted on the website now. Students who pre-registered, should begin receiving notification of their classes! It is a wonderful week, where you are only concentrating on making minis and being with people who also enjoy mini-merry-making events! This is your opportunity to learn from a Master Miniaturists and learn and perfect a new skill!