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    First I made brass jigs to hold the parts while being glued. Shown here is the capital T part. the lower notch is used when making the capital I parts. A blank is placed in the assembly fixture while the upper section is built. Then the lower section is built tome the whole lattice of one window. The little black and striped parts below are inserted to space the leg of the T away from the fixture wall.
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    I used a standard drill gage. This one is Craftsman but the General ones are also good. You need to draw from the back side as the holes are sharper. Taper the end of the piece being drawn and start with the easiest hole. I stopped drawing before the pice became completely round leaving a flat area. I did not worry about trying to fit the ends to fit the profile of the adjoining piece. At that scale it is not noticeable. I made special fixtures to build the main components in. If you will notice the upper section outer pieces form a Capital I and the lower pieces form a capital T. I made an assembly frame with a removal bottom. to the bottom I glued a drawing of the lattice. I cut apiece of wax paper to fit in it then build the lattice stating with the upper section. Then I build the lower section and fill in. I
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    Jumping ahead for a sneak preview of things come. These are the main parts of the cart less one wheel which is still under construction. Every thing is kind os stacked together in these pictures. Once the last wheel is done I will be going to the metalwork to finish it off.
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