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    Kickback happens when the gap between the blade and the fence is narrower at the rear than at the front. They are fussy little saws, it does not take much to have the fence get out alignment and no longer be parallel to the blade. When you notice some kickback get out your accurate measuring tools and check it then adjust the fence back to parallel. Maybe one of these days I will get back to posting on my blog. Years ago I did a whole posting on how to fix and tune up the vintage Dremel 4 inch tablesaws. I also did a posting on fixing a Proxxon tablesaw where the blade was out of alignment with the miter slots on the table. There is no built in way to make that adjustment so I had to slot the hole in the casting for the mounting bolt to allow it to move just enough to put it into alignment. Having spent a lot of time tuning up full size saws I understand about the importance of fences and blades being in true parallel. It can be frustrating and tedious to get it just right but it is essential that you do so if you want accurate cuts from a saw.
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