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    Hello! Thanks, Bill for trying to rally us! I, too, have been wondering where everybody is. I have been busy, just not posting. I currently have two “builds” in various stages, a room box that is a large walk-in closet and one part of a condo in New Orleans. I also have my wonderful step back cupboard from my class with Mark Murphy that needs finishing and 2 needlework pieces in process. Then there’s the Plantation bedroom and porch to finish, and ... My list could go on and on! I hope we hear from others, too! Martha
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    Although I learned how to crochet as a child from my grandma, it never really caught my imagination as I found it repetive and boring. Last year I stumbled across a South African designer's full scale afghans and they made my heart sing, they are full of texture and certainly not boring! I have been experimenting with different threads and hook sizes. First up is the Phoenix, I am using Mettler 50wt cotton sewing thread and a 0.5mm crochet hook. In the beginning it was quite stiff but the larger it gets the more I have hope that it will drape nicely. At the moment it is 13mm (5 1/4") square, I plan to make it big enough to fit as a bedspread on a scale double bed. This pattern is called Briar Rose and I am using Venne silk thread from The Netherlands for it with a 0.6mm hook. It is lovely and soft but as the thread splits easily because it isn't a tight twist I don't think I will use it for intricate patterns. And this one is the Atlanticus pattern, for this I am using Mettler 60wt cotton sewing thread and a 0.4mm hook. I was surprised by how much easier it was to crochet with the thinner thread and hook on the stitches that gave me trouble on the pink bedspread. Unfortunately I can't find this thread in South Africa and will have to wait to get more when I visit the US again. I bought the colors I have at a closing down sale of a quilt shop in Houma, Louisiana last year and there weren't many left. For now I will concentrate on finishing the pink bedspread before continuing with the others.
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    I am working on orders and need to start preparing for my classes that I am teaching at our South African Convention in September. And the crochet bug has bitten me, doing both miniature and full scale crochet at the moment. Tamra, I don't think I ever want to get caught up in a renovation again, hope yours goes smoothly.
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