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    Unless you have spent time working in the precision manufacturing industry you are unlikely to understand what is going on with those sellers of drill bits and the difference in pricing for what appears to be the same thing.There is a difference between the high quality drill bits used for high precision machining in industry and the drill bits used for other tasks that don't require that type of precision. Those lower priced drill bits you see sold on some websites are often the "seconds" quality that were rejected for use in precision machining because they were out of spec for the required tolerance of size. That does not mean they are not good enough for most miniature making work but it does mean they are not good enough for creating things such as precise circuit boards, medical, scientific and other precision engineered products. Those rejects are your bargain treasures. It is great that they are not going to waste and that it gives you affordable tools for your work. But do not mistake one website as selling the same thing as being overpriced compared to another unless you know for sure that they are both selling items that meet the exact same tolerance standard of required precision. If you want to find those color coded drills just do a web search for "carbide circuit board drills' The color coding is to help speed up the identification and also reduce errors in choosing the size of drill.
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    Hi, On Amazon, a good resource is Weathering for Railway Modellers: Volume 2 - Buildings, Scenery and the Lineside by Dent, George.
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    Each different size has a different colour collar, must be so the 'natives who have just come down from the trees', can identify different sizes, eh. ? If you don't want the coloured collars on them, well a pair of side-cutters comes in real handy about now. ?