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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!!
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    These are the only two resources I have in my quick recall--- The scarletquince offers a chart for the Cluny Tapestries... http://www.scarletquince.com/pat.php?pat=UNK011 And Dimensions sold a Cluny Tapestry kit copyright date 1979 designer Timothy Glenn. The charts may be too large to be in scale though - I couldn't find an actual stitch count for the kits listed on eBay. I have never stitched any of the Cluny pieces. I love the architecture of castles, but I haven't collected pieces in this period.... (my husband is so glad that I don't want my own castle in 1/12th scale!) I have had a wonderful experience seeing tapestries in person at the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston, and I have great appreciation for these pieces. I will ask the members of petitpointers Yahoo group if they have any other resources and will post.
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    At the dawn of 2018, my thoughts return to a dream structure build. I bought a pre-built Lawbre shell that I can bash... or at least use as reference for my roof lines for custom built house. Does anyone know someone who did a miniature 2x4 build? I think the wire runs are the biggest advantage, as you can run wire as you would normally, but how do you engineer, so you can finish? I was thinking of using crescent mat board for the walls. I love the concept of having a modular house; for easier access for room finishing. It is the roof lines that provide me with the largest portion of the puzzle, so I think I enrolled in the Marc Adams school of woodworking Sterotomy class to learn more about this topic. If I include a round tower, I can mount the roof on a larger lathe, but is there any wow factor to a roof done on a lathe? or should I build the roofs properly with rafters? Your thoughts and comments are most appreciated!
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    I always flip critters over to see how their paws look... it is fun that we got to see them in the photo. I'm sure their new owner will enjoy them.
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    Great topic, Tamra! I had the pleasure of taking a class with Pat and Noel sometime in the 80’s in New Orleans. We built the Greene & Greene Bungalow. They are masterful teachers and I learned so much! I use so many of their techniques, often! I did not complete this build at the time, but came back to it years later and it is one of my favorites. I still have a little roof work to complete., but it is displayed proudly in my living room. Completion of the interior was not part of the class, so the interior includes a lot of my own design. I did a lot of research on Arts and Crafts decor and many elements in my build repeat a thistle design. My daughter named it Thistlethwaite. I still need one more piece of furniture. I think a chair by Lars Mikkelsen is in the near future. Martha