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    Finally got around to making a 1:8 scale chair for the roll top desk. Took me three attempts to get it right, going through each hole six times with beige thread. Cheers, Guy
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    I realize you are turning your nails down on your lathe! This task of turning nails down to the correct sizer further illustrates and reinforces the concept that not finding the right hardware off the shelf, gives me the incentive to learn to make it myself.
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    Thanks for the compliments Bill, I think trying to figure out how to do it is more fun than actually doing it much of the time. It took me several attempts just to figure pout the template for drill int the segment holes. Once I got the fixture set up drilling the holes was just taking the time to drill all 500 + holes. The biggest problem was keeping the holes aligned as the tiny drill wanted to wander when it hit hard grain. I solved much of this by starting the hole with a center drill first. I can only work about an hour or so each day so it took me much of a week to drill all the holes. Same to for turning own the nail heads. My lathe is set up for that and locked in position. so ever once in a while when I need something to do I set down at the lathe and turn nails. I'm about 1/3 of the way in finishing the nails.
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