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    To mark off the spokes to even lengths and keep hub centered in the wheel, I turned a pin that fits snuggly into the hub. I center drilled the top so that the point of a compass can be placed in it to draw the spoke lengths.
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    Just a teaser. Wheel parts just roughly in place and stacked up to give an idea of what the wheels will eventually look like. I still have to shape the spokes and drive in all the nails.
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    This is a fine example that the correct tool makes the work much easier! cutting the tenons to specific measurement on my lathe would require lots of intentional planning on my part, to stop my cross slide to a specific measurement and not turn the tenon to a dimension that was too small and then needing to use a filler like chair loc. Thank you for letting us be a part of your miniature project as it is fun to hang out in your workshop on a virtual basis!
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    Weekend, To answer your question, Very close to the T/M Museum, including being patrons of the museum in an attempt to support the art form. Funny you bring up Mr. Robertson (Bill), because I was incredibly fortunate to have the chance to sit in front of Twin Manor with him and pick his brain on translating full size fine woodworking to 1/12 scale. As I mention in my intro, creating ways (i.e. holding, cutting, and repeatable process jigs along with the tooling) to make to the translation at the very highest level possible is what draws me to miniatures. For instance, the dentil molding jig is more or less a simple 1/12 version of tooling I've used to make the real thing. I'm a frugal spender so often times my invention is born from need and an enormous lack of patience. One final point I'll share about the last two years moving into Miniatures. The entire community is one of the most welcoming group (from newbie to world famous Master) of soles I've run across in my travels and I'm thankful to share my journey with you all... I hope it's OK to share few more photo's Teak and Brass turning experiments Scale router bit making set up Rail, Style and Grill tooling experiments
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