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    P.S. Watching Pete create the drawing was also very helpful and understanding how he translates that photo to a drawing to make a miniature was very informative.
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    I purchased the Left hand taps & dies and they were delivered today. So I'm looking for any recommendations from the FMF on metals to purchase for my barrel nuts and long screws. I know I will make them in 1/12th scale, but will probably make some larger ones later for use in assembling miniature projects. Tamra
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    It is a field Kettle set. What you call a box is a large water kettle. Stored inside the kettle are accessories for making tea and hot chocolate. At this point in time I don't know much more about it. I am just starting to gather information to start developing it. Then I will develop drawings and patterns before even thinking of cutting metal. Once I reach point of sharing I will start a new thread just for it.
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