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  2. Hello from Venezuela

    Welcome Rossy, to the Fine Miniatures Forum, and it nice to have another international member. Your English is fine! Tamra
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  4. Queen Anne Writing Chair

    Hi Martha, I'm fascinated by such a perfect piece. Congratulations! I wish I could take those classes with Mrs. Elga, I am very far away.
  5. Hello from Venezuela

    Hello, my name is Rossy and I am 51 years old. I was born in Spain but I live in Venezuela for a long time. I did not speak English very well, so I'm sorry if I have errors. I have always liked the miniatures, especially working with wood, I have some things he did and at some point I upload photos to share with everyone. Here in this forum there are teachers and I would like so much to learn. Greetings.
  6. New 1/12th-Scale House

    I had not considered legs for the foundation; when I kit bashed my RGT Newport and made the foundation larger to add my octagon porch, we made a plywood sandwich that is flush with the table. I like the legs, and the space between, as it is easier to pick up the house, when it gives a little space for your fingers. I also like your stair applique that you showed us. Does the reduced size and design work with your revised stair's rise and run? Or can you just stretch / edit the image in software to work with your plans?
  7. New 1/12th-Scale House

    After the glue had set I placed the foundation on a table, and with no rocking back and forth in the slightest I'm happy to report... The foundation, and the house eventually, sits no more than 1/2" off the surface, and so as not to dispel the illusion too terribly much. In a way, it will be like a fine furnishing in its own right. Now to attach the long brace, and the glue-blocks here and there, on the underside.
  8. New 1/12th-Scale House

    The last two legs are now glued and screwed in place. All mating surfaces were roughened up with a knife, a criss-cross pattern, and before applying the glue... I may go through the tops of the legs with screws from the top of the floor. Glue-blocks will also be applied to each leg.
  9. 18th Century Chess Set 1:12 Scale

    Thanks Missy & Collie Feathers... my husband clued me in that turning deer antler has an odor... glad to know it isn't too offensive. There is a local auction tomorrow with some goodies that includes some antlers... will see what happens!
  10. New 1/12th-Scale House

    The exposed surfaces, and tips all around, of the legs have been sanded down and finished off with #0000 steel wool... I can't wait until the finish hits it.
  11. 1897 Montgomery Ward Parlor Rocker 1:12 Scale

    Hi CF, I think it is unfortunate that the Micro Mark Tools arrive in such an unsharpened state. My set is a little larger then what they currently sell, that includes some tools for hollowing bowls or vessels, and rookie me isn't terribly enthused about sharpening these different profiles myself, so I think these two will wait to be sharpened when I have more sharpening experience. I have sharpened the rest of them. >Also going to bend the back rails and I'm assuming you steam the wood for that and tie them around something round and let them dry. I'm not sure if you saw this post, but here is some history about Elga's first Guild School Class for 2017 where she is asking about this subject too. http://www.fineminiaturesforum.com/topic/912-how-to-bend-wood/ It looks like you are making great progress!
  12. New 1/12th-Scale House

    I had almost forgotten and neglected the foundation... None of those components have been attached quite yet. I included wire-routing holes in the brace. If never used, they'll be decorative nonetheless, if one chances to upend the house and its contents for a look-see.
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  14. 1897 Montgomery Ward Parlor Rocker 1:12 Scale

    Pieces of one of the rockers. Going to attempt mortise joints for the first time for the seat and the back rails. Also going to bend the back rails and I'm assuming you steam the wood for that and tie them around something round and let them dry. At least matching the turned pieces wasn't difficult because of the chess piece practice.
  15. 1897 Montgomery Ward Parlor Rocker 1:12 Scale

    Have been playing with the lathe. WeekendMiniaturist - you were right - the turning tools DID need to be sharpened. They worked MUCH better after sharpening. Watched a LOT of You Tube wood turning videos then went out and practiced. This leg is beginners luck.
  16. 18th Century Chess Set 1:12 Scale

    Missy is right. The pieces are so small when turning, odor is not an issue. You DO get a lot of burnt hair smell from band sawing the blanks though. Fortunately it doesn't take that long to cut them.
  17. Queen Anne Writing Chair

    Martha, That's so pretty. How did you curve the back slats?
  18. Queen Anne Writing Chair

    Martha, it looks wonderful!
  19. New 1/12th-Scale House

    In the small world, monoliths, and of solid mahogany... They've been marked with graphite. Hmm, for what might they be... ...?
  20. Charting for Needlework & Knitting

    I finally made the decision to buy a laptop to help me with my 'etch a sketch' activities that I could work on digitally. Touchscreens have been available for a long time with smart phones and tablets, and computer monitors and of course laptops. So, I made the decision to buy a laptop, so I could have the largest monitor possible for design purposes. I am happy to report that I am able to use the touch screen to draw in Patternmaker and PC Stitch programs. When you need to buy a new computer to upgrade, a touchscreen is a wonderful option. My versions of PC Stitch and Patternmaker are old, and I purchased inexpensively from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I generally use to re-graph something that I can't read, like an old hand drawn black & white chart. I found that I may a few less mistakes when I have color and symbols, so that is the reason that I purchased software... oh, and the dream of someday figuring out how to create my own designs. I can draw with my fingertip and fill color, change color by touching the screen, and I can eliminate the repetitive motion of using the left mouse button and clicking. I haven't tested Corel Draw yet, but I'm pretty sure that I will be able to draw with a pen stylus, too. I have a stylus, but I don't have a pen stylus, will have to go to the store and see what is available. So next time you are replacing a mobile digital device, and you have a need to draw on a computer, look for a touch screen option and save your hands for fine miniature projects!
  21. 5 axis desktop CNC

    It has been a couple of years since anyone has posted to this thread? Do any of our contributors have new updates on the advancements in technology?
  22. New 1/12th-Scale House

    The double-window for the dining area at the front wall will be this type of bay, and just a simple extension of same...
  23. Last week
  24. 18th Century Chess Set 1:12 Scale

    It does produce a smell, as does bone, but the pieces I've turned have been so small that the odor hasn't been an issue. I can't imagine how boiling it first would make a difference, but I haven't tried it.
  25. 18th Century Chess Set 1:12 Scale

    I am wondering, does turning animal antlers or using animal (legal) ivory produce a smell like burning hair? If you boil it first does that eliminate the smell?
  26. New 1/12th-Scale House

    In so far as a staircase, a standard step rise of 6.75" has been in effect all along within the drafts, but a tread-depth of 10"+ is not possible for this house. I configured a 9" depth in the last draft, but that was a bit much, too. I've finally decided on an 8" tread-depth... The headroom is now realistic as one ascends, and I'm able to move the kitchen/dining-area opening further away from the front door, lest the Lilliputians collide with one another going in and out. The foundation, showing the area that will be occupied by the staircase... The lower flight will enclose the back opening of the living room somewhat; balancing; and cozy, but not too cozy; just right. I will have the option of attaching the lower flight to where its ground-step will front at the dotted line. I'd rather that, but no matter at either mark.
  27. New 1/12th-Scale House

    I took the jigsaw to the octagon one last time, and using my eye I improved it a bit further, and to the extent of what said tool is capable... The betterment is difficult to discern, granted. The front wall's various shapes are now cut out... The front wall will be attached first, sometime today, after test-fitting to ensure squareness. The side walls will then be matched to it.
  28. New 1/12th-Scale House

    Using only a hole-saw and a jigsaw(or sabre-saw), the octagon is now cut and roughed out, and to be fine-tuned with a sanding slat and perhaps a few diamond files... It's a little off here and there, but the sandpaper and files will right it, and close enough. I realise that some, if not most, drill a round hole slightly larger and insert a ready-made, but I want it to reflect its having been hand-made; as though the builder had hired an out-of-work carpenter with hungry mouths to feed, and during the 1920s.
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