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      Great News for miniature artists!!!! In support of IGMA and the world of fine miniatures,  Micro-Mark the small tool specialists, have offered IGMA a 10% discount on all their purchases.  Buyer gets 10% off all purchases and in support of the Guild Micro-Mark will donate 5% of your purchased price to IGMA Be sure to enter Promo code IGMASAVE16 www.micromark.com Can be used on sale merchandise, but cannot be combined with another offer.  For example if an item is in the close-out section on the Micromark website, the discount will apply. If they discount some items in an email (a special promotion) the 10% will not be able to be combined with that offer.  Time to go shopping!!!      

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  2. Styrofoam

    1/12 scale popcorn. I need to fill a dozen or so popcorn boxes plus the two poppers and a pile in the bin.
  3. Styrofoam

    how small do you want the styrofoam balls to break into? I know I have a piece in my basement.
  4. Styrofoam

    I remember there used to be a styrofoam that broke up into little balls/beads when crumbled. Any one know where I can find a few pieces? Bill Hudson
  5. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    Catherine, you are absolutely correct on region... but I think the wood treasure hunt is the same as my silk fabric hunt... If I lived in the Northeast or Northwest, I know I would have a serious wood stash... We have great access here locally native wood for life size projects, just not a lot of options for imported woods, so we visit the local woodworking store through the year for fine grain boards. I did keep a cherry tree that fell in our sons yard - and this past year, I finally found someone with a saw locally that can cut it for me so I can dry it properly; I am hoping that it was a slow growing tree... our son talked me (us) into working and cleaning up the mess and I got the tree... seemed like a good deal at the time for one of us... If it is fine grain, though I probably got enough cherry for a lot of mini projects.
  6. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    I think it partly depends on where you are in the world and the piece you happen to get. Colin Bird made beautiful tables long ago out of some pear he had with tiny knots in it. It was very much in scale with gorgeous wood grain.
  7. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    I would also use fine grain fir cut vertically with the grain for the floorboards. The flooring in your photo looks like it has been burn-stained.
  8. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    I would suggest looking at vertical grain Douglas fir. If you can get closer to the sapwood the grain is finer and the color varies.
  9. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    Oh, I am learning new details about wood... Also try searching for vertical grain or clear vertical grain... I think any evergreen tree that grows in your area would work... wood is very regional specific... Species that I would consider include Cedar, Fir, Cypress. Redwood and Cedar maybe too red in color. I believe Cedar is used for outdoor projects and lining clothing closets here in the US. Of course Decidous trees lose their leaves, and evergreens do not...and Pine of course is in the Evergreen family... so that is why I would try Cedar, Fir or Cypress.... I don't have a real Christmas Tree, but I can imagine me trying to save the tree trunk each year. I have what I think I planted is a very slow growing dawn redwood that I have been nurturing for a couple of decades, that didn't grow but inches, but it seems the last two years it is growing; I was wondering if it was related to Bamboo family. Since it is sooooo slow growing, should the tree not survive, I am planning to keep its trunk to see how it would turn or resaw on a band saw. To send you on a treasure hunt, somewhere on the forum, member Collie Feathers sawed a branch and it looks like a witch in the bark... I can't find it right now, but it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
  10. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    PS: Wonderful wood supplier! Thank you for that link.
  11. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    Thank you! I do have a stash of wood which I have saved or which was given to me, just not pine. I have a contact in luxury yacht building, but they never use pine for their cabinets. Plus it is not a popular wood here at all at the moment. Unfortunately I don't have too much time to search for the right piece of wood. So I rather hoped there would be some other sort of wood which could be passed off as scale pine. Yes, faux painting is possible although I have tried that before and didn't like my results very much. I'll keep searching!
  12. Search for Fine Miniature makers below the radar

    I am also an IGMA General Member and glad that you are too. Have you seen the Guild's published member list of Artisans and Fellows of the Guild? http://www.igma.org/members/artisanlisting.html http://www.igma.org/members/fellowlisting.html Some of these Guild Members do not sell and or have websites but their work may be published in the Miniature Magazines. Therefore I think the folks flying 'below the radar' would be the people that are not listed as Artisans and Fellows of the Guild, but perhaps selling on a very limited, local basis... Perhaps if Member 1 is reading the forum we might get a response on the results... I was fortunate to attend the Guild Show in 2011 and 2012, and I know I must get back to the show... The back to back events were probably planned to give our international vendors the opportunity to sell at two events, while here in the US. Booknut, Have you attended the Chicago International? It is the ultimate miniature destination.... and oh! Guild School gives the 'students of the arts' that nudge and over time, we are able to develop skills, and confidence - to grow our next generation of Fine Miniature Artisans... so you never know ... One week in Castine, and it can change your creative life!
  13. 1/12th scale decimal conversion chart.

    Hi Bill, Thank you so much for such a quick response! I didn’t expect that folks would be checking in so often, so nice! Anyway, I appreciate the offer to mail it, and yes please, I am happy to send you the dollar and a stamped self addressed envelope. 😊 After all, you are paying for ink and paper to print a copy, issues I appreciate after buying both for school libraries for years. Since I am not sure how to work this (I am new to posting) can you email me your email and I will send all my info and get yours so I can send the $ and an envelope? My email is dubois_defilippis@yahoo.com and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you so much for such a prompt response! I did see info about the Masterworks event but we decided eventually that it was too close to the IGMA show that we were already committed to attending (and which we both LOVED, and my spouse is not an over-the-top miniaturist, highly recommend that anyone who can attend do so, the new location in CT is amazing). Thanks for letting me know that there isn’t a list...may I suggest that one be created? It would help both the Artisans and folks looking to buy/collect. As for being an IGMA artisan, that is way beyond my ability, but thank you for the suggestion! I and my spouse are general IGMA members to show support for the amazing Artisans, but we have very pedestrian abilities. My husband is a genius at electronics, me not so much a genius at anything! But we have fun, and that’s what counts in the end.
  15. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    Josje, my experience of finding in scale miniature pine or spruce is to always be on the hunt and have a stash. I found some at a local store that specializes in re-selling reclaimed / recycled building materials... you can look at old pieces of furniture at private sales, or even at the wood store... but just like silk, a stash is the way I've been accumulated in-scale miniature wood. The alternative is to contact someone who specializes in selling wood to miniaturists. Here in the USA, or for our international buyers if you want to import, I really recommend Steve & Mary Goode. http://shgoode.com/ Do tell all your friends locally, especially those in the wood working, furniture building business... they can be a great resource... just take a project with you and wow them... it never hurts to ask! I am lucky to have my own contact at a local cabinet shop, as my husband is a pro, and is always on the lookout for fine quartersawn wood for me. I even have a 1 piece of pine that he brought home has a few miniature knots... they look like tiny birdseye to me, and I know it isn't maple! I'm saving this piece for a very special project! if you cannot find suitable in-scale wood grain, you can alway faux paint the grain to get the effect you wish.
  16. Wood mimicking 12th scale pine

    Hello everyone, For a project I am working on I need to make baltic pine (Pinus) or spruce (Picea) flooring. The real thing is rather too out of scale for the project so I have been looking for a good 12th scale substitute. So far without success. Would any of you have a suggestion which wood I could use for this? I would appreciate any help! Thank you. Josje.
  17. 1/12th scale decimal conversion chart.

    Photo bucket has eliminated my files with this chart. My scanner is not working well maybe you can read this. I don't seem to be ablate delete this. Sorry. I am not trying to sell these but If you send me a dollar to cover the posting I will send you a copy. I will need you address too.
  18. Earlier
  19. Search for Fine Miniature makers below the radar

    I don't think a list was created and published on the Fine Miniatures Forum, but that list probably resulted in the Masterworks Miniature Event at the Kansas City Toy & Miniature Museum Event September 2017. Invitations were sent for people to be considered to enter the contest and sell at the First Ever Masterworks Event co-sponsored by IGMA and the T/m Museum. Definitely, there were people at this event, that I have never heard/seen their work in person, and it was a great event to attend. http://www.toyandminiaturemuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/MuseumMaps_Final.pdf I hope the Guild does this again! It had that same feel as a patron's party at huge museum, except the scale was better at the T/m Masterworks event. Do you dream of being on the other side of the table? I didn't check to see if everyone was an Artisan / Fellow of the Guild... if you want to be on the selling side of the table, time to work on those projects to submit for your Artisan Membership...? I don't know that there will be a Masterworks II, but one never knows and it is good to give yourself options!
  20. Have questions about some Miniatures.

    Sounds like a plan! How unfortunate that they are both gone. Please don’t hesitate to post pics, etc here once you get back into it, you never know who might recognize something!
  21. 1/12th scale decimal conversion chart.

    Hi Bill, I guess because of the passage of time the photo/chart is gone. Could you repost? It would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to catch up on several years here all at once! Thanks.
  22. So did the listing get created? And may we access it? This sounds like such a great resource, I would love a follow-up please!
  23. Have questions about some Miniatures.

    I can't remember the name of the museum. It was a small one. The owners remodeled a 2 car garage with an attached 600sqft building into the museum on their property they lived on. They were the only employees. They've both passed. Thank you for the book suggestion. I will look into that. I currently have them packed away for storage. I planned on starting to ID them again when it starts getting hot outside and I'm spending my time inside.
  24. Have questions about some Miniatures.

    Hi, this a very late response but perhaps it would be helpful. The book A Reference Guide to Miniature Makers Marks by Alice and Lee Frank (1996, ISBN 0-9644481-0-6) can be very helpful. Which miniature museum was it that closed? Perhaps you might be able to locate some former staff who could be helpful. Current miniature museum staff may know of staff from other museums. Hat stands could be classified under clothing, fashion, furniture, accessories...you see the problem in looking up a makers mark. And the previous comment is also valid, photos are a huge help. Best of luck in your search and please let us know if you have more questions.
  25. Wood advice

    Thank you! This looks amazing!
  26. Wood advice

    You might find this interesting. http://www.woodcarverssupply.com/20-PIECE-TOOL-SET-WALLET/productinfo/301001/ I have this set and it is about the only one I use now. They are not fancy smancy looking but the steel is very good and holds an edge. I find the handles easy to hold. These or similar are used by many Japanese carvers and carving teachers. My seat has about three sizes of each style from micro to larger. http://www.woodworkerz.com/wicked-sharp/ http://ornamental-woodcarver-patrickdamiaens.blogspot.be/search/label/'17th Century style carvings' Check out his blogs along the right hand side of his page. Hours of looking at awesome stuff. https://www.woodworkersinstitute.com/wood-carving/projects/relief-carving/architectural/grinling-gibbons-style-foliage/
  27. Threading on Sherline lathe

    Thanks Bill. I knew it was hand threaded, about 0.002" per pass and I was willing to do that (just have two bolts to thread). I was concerned about the rigamarole to set-up the lathe itself. Since the lathe I would be using doesn't belong to me, I'm reluctant to do that. You've concerned my suspicions.
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