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  2. I love visiting museums, and museums that have miniatures are the best! If you are in the area - consider attending this event. "Never-before-seen" - this is a description that brings a lot of curiosity to my mind... so how long is my drive to Kansas? Membership has its benefits, and members of the museum get to attend the preview! I truly enjoyed the Masterworks event and seeing the museum's collection in person. I know my husband as an antique toy fan would also love the Marbles and Toy Collection upstairs. Did you know that there is a Marble company in Kansas City Area? If I ever get to return to KC, I am definitely visiting the Moon Marble Company! https://moonmarble.com/ If you cannot see any of Mr. Robertson's photos, here is a photobucket fix that I installed more than a year ago that enables me to see pictures that are stored on Photobucket. Please contact your own technical support person if you are unsure, as there is no way to provide user tech support, but this has worked for me. https://bridgetroll.io/ext/photobucket-hotlink-fix?hotlinkfix=1553347895056
  3. A SPACE OF OUR OWN: DOLLHOUSES OF THE 20TH CENTURY SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2019 — MONDAY, JANUARY 06, 2020 Over the last 200 years, dollhouses have evolved alongside the children who played with them. In a world designed for adults, the dollhouse has provided kids with a space of their own to dream and imagine. This special exhibit will dig into T/m’s extensive collection and display some never-before-seen examples, from glittering mansions to humble bungalows. Become a member and get a preview of the exhibit on April 19th!
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  5. Jim Hall made exquisite wood furniture in the 70's. From very fancy bombe chests, highboys, and delicate chairs to refrigerators and sinks. Would appreciate any info about him.
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  7. WeekendMiniaturist

    Sister of Marcia Backstrom

    Karen, do you also participate in the miniature world? I did not meet your Sister, but I was definitely aware of her work, and I think I found one of her head molds locally, and was thrilled to have found it. I look forward to seeing photos of your Sisters' dolls... perhaps you could start a forum topic in the Dolls and Figures Category and can upload the photos in the topic...? Occasionally in the mini doll forum, people post photos and ask if anyone recognizes the artisan's work... so we would also love to know the details of how your Sister signed her work. Welcome to the Fine Miniatures Forum!
  8. Karen

    Sister of Marcia Backstrom

    Hey! My name is Karen, and I am the sister of the late Marcia Backstrom. Marcia was a substantial talent in the miniature doll world with her original dolls still being displayed in private collections and museums around the world! Maybe some of you remember her work! Until I am more technically proficient as to be able to add pictures, you can google her name to see some of her fantastic character dolls. In the meantime, I would love to hear from those of you who knew my sister. Knowing Marcia, there are some funny stories out there!!
  9. miniarquitect

    showcase of bathrooms

    I have been in Paris, Rheda, Arnhem, once in London... but although I opened recently an online shop for accessories, lamps... I mainly focus my work in miniature architecture.. and I need to go to these shows by car. And sometimes, travel more than 1600 km to arrive and another 1600 to come back, for just one day of show or one and half sometimes is frustrating (When I was in London the show runned for almost three days, not one and a half like now) . I'm not closing the door to attend in future shows, but, at now, things are going quite well... and 80% of my buyers are from USA! Anyway, thank you very much indeed for your interest... and I wish you enjoy the Kensington Festival... probably the best in Europe Francisco
  10. WeekendMiniaturist

    showcase of bathrooms

    Francisco, thanks for responding... I hope all is well in your life size and mini worlds. Well, If I were exhibiting, I would be happy to represent your work... of course, I don't know if they have rules about this! We need mfg's representatives for the miniature world. I don't sell miniatures, as most miniature collectors require they are finished, before purchasing them.... My Friend Elise is going to send me some of her European mini magazines, so I'll be going through them to see if any of our FMF members are in the magazines.
  11. miniarquitect

    light in dollhouses

    Hello, some new lamps to make insides more realistic Louis Poulsen PH4.5 designed by Poul Henningsen Grossman gräshoppa floor and desk lamps designed by Greta Grossman Tolomeo for Artemide, designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina
  12. miniarquitect

    showcase of bathrooms

    No, I'm not going to Kensington dollshouse Festival... and nobody will represent me there...sorry!!... in fact I have no plans of attening to a miniature show this year Francisco
  13. WeekendMiniaturist

    40th Anniversary of the GUILD SHOW & Classes

  14. I was pleased to find a class listing tonite at the Guild's website. The Show Committee has been working hard to give us a wonderful group of classes. If you haven't planned your 2019 Mini Event of the year, consider the GUILD SHOW as your destination of choice! Activities options include: Historic Home Tour Classes / Workshops (Have I told you before how much I love attending classes???) The Gathering of the Guild: Desserts & Demonstrations (Desserts should really be the main course!) Mini Treasure Hunting in the Sales Room Exhibits by Guild Members, Artisans & Fellows... and Auction: Buffet Dinner & Celebration IGMA Members admitted free!! Show Preview For Guild members only Saturday. September 21, 9 am - 10 am An opportunity to shop prior to the admittance of the general public. For information on becoming an IGMA member please click here. Get entry into the show and hour early! Click on the link above to join the Guild!
  15. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/1376734_635-mount-vernon-doll-house Susan, I am so impressed with your knowledge! Being curious I searched for it online, and I think I have the correct house you were referring too. Thankfully I have not committed our LiveAuctioneers password to memory... I know I've missed some wonderful treasures over the years...
  16. It looks like the house made by Cranford Miniatures in the very early 1900's. An example sold at a Noel barrett auction about 14 years ago for about $12,000.
  17. WeekendMiniaturist

    showcase of bathrooms

    miniarquitect, I looked at the Kensington list of exhibitors last night... I did not see that you are selling. Is anyone attending that is representing your work? Thanks -
  18. WeekendMiniaturist

    KENSINGTON! 2019

    A group of friends from the USA and Canada is traveling together and attending The Kensington show in May 2019. This is my first trip to the UK, and I am experiencing pre - travel euphoria. Are there any artisans / suppliers who will be at the Kensington show? I am familiar with some of the European exhibitors if they travel to the US for the Chicago International Bishop Show. Please do tempt us with news of new items!
  19. WeekendMiniaturist


    Jackie, welcome back to the miniature community! Have you ever been to Guild School before? If you have any questions about Guild School, please ask, and someone will be able to help you... and if we don't get the answers you need, we will contact Mini Red Leader, as we are sure she has the answers! Oh, I definitely wanted to take the pottery class too. Generally I want to sign up for at least 96 hours of classes... <sigh>... I'm sorry that I am missing school this year, It always sad to be at home when Guild School is in session! I'm hopeful I will get to return in 2020! I will be standing at my lathe, at least on the weekends surrounding Guild School and will definitely miss all the fun!
  20. WeekendMiniaturist

    Desktop Lathes

    Oh... does anyone else see a Monkey in Jerry's post (posted on August 22) or is it just my over-active computer trying to torture its human owner? I think while I was sleeping my microsoft operating system updated itself and now is artificially intelligent with a new goal of displacing links in forum posts. Edited: 9:59AM EST, 3.5.19. The NAME Video in Jerry's post is back. I'm glad the internet bandits didn't take it away from us. For most forum visitors, NAME = National Association of Miniature Enthusisasts But in Jerry's post, I believe NAME = North American Model Engineers
  21. WeekendMiniaturist

    Artisan Hardware/Component Supplier List

    Returning to my last class with the Guild, at the Guild Study Program Williamsburg, I had dinner with Alan Hammer and another student I had met at the Chicago Guild Study Program the previous October. I think it was January 2017... and Alan indicated he was retiring and the Chicago International Show 2017 was rumored to be his last show. I wouldn't be surprised if he popped back up, but he is without one wooden wheel jig, because he sold it to me at the Chicago International Show! I like the idea of lost wax casting... I see from adds when I'm on various machining websites, we can 3-d print with metals - I don't know if this kind a filament is an option with an inexpensive machine or if it requires a $100,000 investment... that is a lot of miniature hardware to sell on that investment. We have 3D printers at one of our libraries and at our makerspace.
  22. MeezerMama

    Spindle Duplicator Anker Design?

    Oh, good catch. Thanks for pointing that out.
  23. purplejuliana

    IGMA at Chicago International

    Come see members of the Guild teaching classes and sales. The Gallery of the Guild. And our membership table. See the unveiling of a magnificent Room box..........
  24. purplejuliana

    IGMA "THIS IS THE GUILD" at Chicago International

    COME LEARN ABOUT THE GUILD- https://www.bishopshow.com/blank-chv5 5:30-6:30 PM
  25. purplejuliana

    IGMA Auction at Chicago International

    Come see your favorite Artisans and Fellows at Chicago International. https://www.bishopshow.com/blank-chv5 Friday night at 5:30 IS THE IGMA AUCTION.
  26. karincorbin

    Spindle Duplicator Anker Design?

    The support piece at the back of my Klein duplicator is made from white/natural colored UHMW plastic, it is not delrin. Not that it matters as they are both slippery plastics. But they do have other properties that are different.
  27. karincorbin

    Micro Drill Press

    Nowadays you can learn a great deal by searching for some videos on subjects on youtube. Of course not all videos are created equal, some will be by beginners and sometimes I just like the presenter or their language. But after a short while you will learn to quickly sort out who knows what they are doing and talking about from those who do not. Fortunately there always seem to be at least a few very good instructors. I don't want to do an extensive search on this subject but I will get you started. Here is a video from youtube on measuring runout on a small metal working lathe. Of course this is not a lathe you may own but what is important is the principles of how it is done. I have not yet watched it from beginning to end but his presentation of the information seems fairly clear and easy to follow. Mini Lathe Spindle Runout Now when you find someone who does a good job explaining a subject be sure you browse through the list of videos they have created as there might be other useful lessons from their youtube channel.
  28. Bill Hudson

    Spindle Duplicator Anker Design?

    I used steel binding (banding) strap for making my templates. Can cut it with Jeweler saw or use abrasive disc in Dremel tool to shape.
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