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  2. WeekendMiniaturist

    GUILD SCHOOL 2020!

    The class descriptions with photos are available on the Guild's Website... and Guild Members are reporting delivery of the 2020 class catalog are arriving in mailboxes!
  3. Julia

    Crochet Afghans

    I’m in the Detroit airport on a layover waiting for my flight to the Guild Show (first time attending) and thought I’d look at the forum. I too have been experimenting with crochet. Right now, I’ve worked down to #40 thread with a .6mm hook. I’ll get smaller soon. Elga, your work is so pretty.
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  5. This is my miniature painting website/blog if anyone is interested. I do not sell anything. It’s just a site to show my paintings and maybe in the future, process and that sort of thing. It’s not a finished site by any means. I’ve only posted a few paintings so far. The name bigghorn comes from a stuffed animal my son carried with him when he was little. It was a horned monster, but it had one horn that was slightly larger than the other (which he apparently saw) and so he called it “bighorn”. I had too lug that thing around for years, always looking for it whenever we went to grandmas ( because we dare not leave without it). So though it’s days are long over (he’s 15 now), I thought that I’d name my site in its honor. I obviously couldn’t get a domain with the word “bighorn” so I had to go with “bigghorn” with two “g”s. So it’s not a misspelling! www.bigghorn.com Thanks, Ben
  6. WeekendMiniaturist

    GUILD SCHOOL 2020!

    4 days and counting for the pre-registration lottery of class assignments for Guild School 2020! June 13-19, 2020 Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine Have you registered? https://www.igma.org/PDF/2020_GSchool_preregistration.pdf If you have questions about Guild School, please contact Barbara Davis (miniredleader) at guildschooligma@gmail.com. Furniture? Pottery? Silvermaking? Sculpting? micro miniature structures with Nell? An Auction that benefits Guild School and, did I mention LOBSTER??? Seminars, Minis, Munchies and More where you can meet your favorite miniature artist... Back to classes... Metal working? A miniature guitar? I think there are 47 different and incredible classes! Plan to attend the BEST WEEK of 2020 with the Masters of the Arts!
  7. WeekendMiniaturist

    I would like to get in touch with Rae Backus

    Do you know what country this person sold miniatures? and the approximate time? It is helpful to have a photo as the picture may help jar the memory banks for readers in the forum. I would suggest: 1) looking at miniature magazine indexes and searching by name 2) a general Internet search 3) If someone has the book, https://www.amazon.com/Reference-Guide-Miniature-Makers-Marks/dp/0964448106 perhaps they can review, or if you are in the USA you can request your library borrow the book through the lending to other libraries program. 4) There is a facebook group, Miniature Makers Identification Source that may be able to help you. I'm not a facebook member but it comes up in a search. Good Luck!
  8. Is it possible to get in touch with Rae Backus. a maker of fine miniature furniture?
  9. Funny 😉 Your evil twin eh? It very well could be cataracts. I’d never thought of it before, but maybe yes. I’m glad you said that about a real painting! Today the phone pictures are so amazing that you could have a whole gallery in the palm of your hand..but they aren’t real are they? Nope.
  10. WeekendMiniaturist

    Pastoral Landscape w/ mill by Claude Lorraine

    We can pixel a painting to death... with a scanner and printer... but the collectors appreciate the hand and eye of an Artist! I've got some printed pictures that I do enjoy; but a real painting is a lot more fun! I don't think it would be much fun painting with a microscope. I did tell my eye doc, that in my opinion, all those old paintings with halos effects in religious paintings were because the painter had cataracts. See this is my historical, mischievous, evil twin on my left shoulder talking to her eye guy. I would really love to time travel and have the ability to gaze into the eyes of the artist to see if they did or did not have cataracts... would be fun to read and discover if my theory could be proven. We are fortunate to live in this period of time, where we can remove cataracts.
  11. WeekendMiniaturist

    Need someone to copy and make new finial for bed.

    Elz, perhaps a photo of the finial with a ruler next to it... may help with your request.
  12. Bought a bed that should have four finials (posts) and one is missing. I would like to send one of those posts to be copied. Who does this type of work?
  13. Thanks for that WM! It is a dilemma for painters. If the painting is at the correct ratio but it’s too small to get decent detail. And if it had been just a little bigger, the detail would have substantially better; it doesn’t make any difference if the artist jumps up and down and says “but the scale is correct!”; the better detailed painting will always look better even if it’s slightly bigger and therefore not to scale. I think that the miniature painter needs to approach the painting trying to get it as small as it can get, while still getting great detail. If you throw into the equation the original size ratio, you will not help the quality. I could use better magnification (I have good microscopes at work), but I’m still limited by the brush size. In theory it’s possible to paint an oil painting replica with a homemade brush and microscope I guess, but I’m not sure that I could do it. I think I’d rather leave that to someone else. The collector would have to be really wanting perfection in actual ratio. The whole thing would (to me) be a novelty painting at that point, and that’s fine and impressive but it’s not something I want to do. Thanks for making this a topic of discussion because it’s neen something I’ve been bothered about and didn’t know how to approach it.
  14. WeekendMiniaturist

    Pastoral Landscape w/ mill by Claude Lorraine

    I am not a purist when it comes to having fun with the scale miniature world. I do have a fussy - historical, mischievous, evil twin on my left shoulder, but my angelic right shoulder self with a slightly tilted halo is generally in control of my miniature world. I have a collection of odd little hotwheel type die cast cars that tend to show up in my here and now miniature world, should I actually finish s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g in this decade. (Does the decade end in 2020 or begin in 2020? Good grief, I hope it ends in 2020, or I'm in trouble.) I attended Guild School Classes in 2014-2016 and Guild Study Program classes and is ANYTHING Finished??? The miniature world does not have to be perfectly scaled, especially when it comes to a painting. I've been to a lot of museums and there are some huge paintings in the art world. If you actually painted a miniature of Monet's waterlilies and put it on a table to offer it for sale at a true 1/12th scale, had I not seen it in real life in Pittsburgh, PA , I would have initially thought that miniature is waaayyyy too big... so it needs to fit in an appropriate miniature setting. Large paintings or small paintings, even when I read about the size of the painting in a book, I am always amazed when I see the original work of art, in person. Miniatures as Art resides in the soul of their creators. We, the collectors and We, the artists in the miniature universe have to be open to the Art within us... with painting miniatures, you really do have the best position, you can create at the size you wish and as long as it looks right to the artisan, you have met the criteria of the "Golden Rule", which is simply, its ok to do the math, but trust your own eyes!
  15. I also wanted to correct an error I had said earlier. Goats don’t need shepherds. They prefer goatherds. Sorry about that. 😗
  16. Well, I wanted to try to post a better overall quality picture with a penny as a reference. The penny does cast a shadow but this is my solution at this point. It could be that if I continue to post “painting in process” then I’ll come up with something better. I just appreciate being able to share the process because it’s not much fun to just do it by yourself without anybody seeing it. It’s fun for me to post.
  17. I worked on some more tonight, most notably the shepherd and some other things. But still more to go.
  18. I actually toyed with the idea of making a velvet Elvis miniature painting (maybe I could make him a bullfighter while I’m at it). I haven’t seen paint by number paintings for a LONG time, but that’s funny.
  19. WeekendMiniaturist

    Pastoral Landscape w/ mill by Claude Lorraine

    Some Art should not be published and I understand and have fortunately experienced my own limitations--- do they make paint by numbers in miniature kits? That would be a 'hoot' and I would probably buy one just to say I have a miniature. I don't think anyone has ever sold paint by number paintings... oh the things that I can come up with for cool products to sell by miniaturists reading the FMF. I have an advance degree in... doing- everything- wrong, but can still create.
  20. WeekendMiniaturist

    Pastoral Landscape w/ mill by Claude Lorraine

    The shepherdess does add to the painting, and I'm enjoying the updates... but no worries.... I have no intention of breaking out any canvas or paints!
  21. I put the shepherdess in the picture now.
  22. I’m posting an overall picture with the painting taped to a clipboard. I tape the edges of the painting to give clean edges, but I’ll end with cutting nearly to the edge anyway. I have often used the clip board. I used to clip larger paintings but it is better to tape the painting lower, because the clip can cast a shadow on the painting. The board allows a lot of free movement; twisting and turning to accommodate small shapes. There are some newly painted areas but not really enough to point out. It’s down to working on details of trees, landscape, sky. I also have the two main figures and some more goats to put in.
  23. I painted some leaves, highlighted the mill a little. I put in some more goats. All together not a lot done, but enough to take a picture of.
  24. Thank you WM for the compliment. I get pleasure doing them and it’s fun to have other people enjoy them. It’s the reason I post them. Of course it’s also fun to look at other people making furniture and rooms, and other things and to wonder “how in the world did they make that thing so small?” Because, I can’t do that stuff. I can’t even make a proper birdhouse without buying a kit. Take care, Ben
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