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      Micro-Mark Discount code for IGMA   01/29/2017

      Great News for miniature artists!!!! In support of IGMA and the world of fine miniatures,  Micro-Mark the small tool specialists, have offered IGMA a 10% discount on all their purchases.  Buyer gets 10% off all purchases and in support of the Guild Micro-Mark will donate 5% of your purchased price to IGMA Be sure to enter Promo code IGMASAVE16 www.micromark.com Can be used on sale merchandise, but cannot be combined with another offer.  For example if an item is in the close-out section on the Micromark website, the discount will apply. If they discount some items in an email (a special promotion) the 10% will not be able to be combined with that offer.  Time to go shopping!!!      

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  2. Wm. R. Robertson's TED talk is online

    That was one really, smooth ted talk... my knees would be knocking if I were doing a Ted Talk... The Ted organization continues its support of the Miniature Arts community and has published another fabulous piece about Mr. Robertson's work. https://ideas.ted.com/the-beauty-is-in-the-details-a-peek-inside-the-amazing-world-of-a-miniature-maker/ Twin Manors is incredible and I am looking forward to seeing those next two pieces... I wonder where these pieces will debut? and what will happen for his 50th year in miniatures? If only I won the lottery... I would be bidding on TWII!
  3. Guild Show 2018- Hartford CT

    Windsor, CT September 18-23, 2018 The 2017 Guild Show will be held at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott Airport. Show information and the Dealer List are now online. Information on Special Events are also online. Register today! http://www.igma.org/guild_show/ Windsor, CT September 18-23, 2018 We have a great selection of 1, 2, 3 and 4 day Classes Tuesday to Friday before theGuild Show. Register today!
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  5. "Le chant du cygne–an emotional farewell"

    Martha, each time I think about the Thomas' I wonder why I didn't get myself to Guild School while they were teaching. What was I thinking? I think you took a class in the South, their classes were either in the Northwest, or Northern CA (Larianne's miniature store?) or Guild School, but never in Chicago... well, at least when I began attending the Chicago International and figured out who they were, I don't remember the Thomas offering classes in Chicago. I am so glad that their work resides in Museums in the US to give us a chance to study and admire the Thomas' work. There are so many wonderful classes in our current time frame, and I especially like IGMA's Guild Study Program. I know the Late Summer or Fall GSP that can move to different areas of the US and IGMA has also offered classes in the UK (I think classes have been held at the Kensington show) to give students of the arts the opportunity to learn from our Artisans and Fellows and perhaps have less travel expenses. I think I remember that the Greene & Greene Bungalow is also at the KC Toy & Miniature Museum, did you see anything in the structure at the museum that was helpful for your project?
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  7. Pam Throop Folly Lane Cottage

    If you are a collector of fine miniatures, this item may be of interest... I seldom see her work available for purchase! I did not investigate this link, but if you are fan, it may be something you might be interested in. https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/clt/d/rare-rare-dollhousepamela/6429449808.html
  8. https://www.needlenthread.com/2018/01/5-tips-for-successful-french-knots-every-time.html Sue from Mesa beautiful french knots projects, is featured in Mary Corbett's blog... so cool... I want to be a knotty girl! (Someday...) Congratulations Sue, your work is so beautiful!
  9. First I have to build the mini kiln for the Greek pieces, and then cross your fingers that handles on amphoras will survive the firing! I will probably chicken out and stick to handle-less black burnished ware for the first firing with maybe one or two sacrificial offerings with handles. It's darned cold here, even in NC, and I think I"ll wait for warming spell before playing outside. Happy Mini and Maxi New Year. Keep in touch about your pottery class!
  10. wishes

    Happy New Year!
  11. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    One just sold on eBay.co.uk recently. Here is a link to Amazon where you can clearly see how the booklet looks, they are normally listed under Cluny tapestries book one by Dimensions. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cluny-Tapestries-Sense-Hearing-Taste/dp/B004941SS6
  12. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    Thanks Elga, for the correction. Thank goodness John D. Rockerfeller Jr, made this contribution to the museum. Our yahoo petitpointers two group indicates the Dimension Charts are the first recommendation to replace the absence of the Micro-Stitchery resource. We have three members who have wrote that they have the Dimensions charts, and they were published in a leaflet, in addition to a full kit.
  13. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    Tamra the cluny tapestries are not in the Cloisters museum, there are similar ones all of them featuring hunting a unicorn, which I found a sad subject. Mavis and I went to see them in 2012. You can see them here, just scroll down the page. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/467642 The cluny tapestries are in the Cluny museum in Paris, France.
  14. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    hmmm.... the Desire Panel from the Link that Elga Posted is listed as a stitch count of 252 x 196 on 32 count silk gauze this calculates to 7.875" x 6.125" on 40 count silk gauze this calculates to 6.3" x 4.9" on 48 count silk gauze this calculates to 5.25" x 4.08" which is very similar in size as Bobbie's charts... Therefore I think Elga's link is the closest option to the Micro Stitchery charts for the Cluny Tapestry Sense of Taste and Sense of Hearing charts that are on her website. Definitely the ones I would select, and the price is excellent... although I do not know anyone who has stitched from this website; we always prefer to see a stitched piece, then we know that someone has reviewed the chart for odd random stitches, in the event the charts are computer generated. I like the ScarletQuince options if you want a 1/12th scale miniature of the real tapestries. I have to get to the Cloisters Museum to see these in person in the USA!
  15. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    Thank you for taking the time to research this topic for me. I love being able to communicate with fellow needleworkers around the world. I did check the stitch count, and the design would turn out too large, but I will continue to search for the miniature designs. My best.
  16. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    I found these charts, I have no idea about the quality, click on the individual designs to see the stitch count, they give the size in inches for certain counts but have the sticth count as well. https://www.orencooriginals.net/collections/lady-and-the-unicorn-tapestries
  17. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    Bobbi's charts are 201 by 235/7 stitches. The ones from Scarlett Quince are much larger and too big for 1/12 scale except if you want to stitch it on 80 count which could take a lifetime but wouod look stunning with all that detail! I remember seeing a dimensions chart on eBay a few years ago and that stitch count was similar to Bobbi's f I remember right. I hope you find something Linda.
  18. wishes

    Bill, Hi! I trust all is well with you. Patrick
  19. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    These are the only two resources I have in my quick recall--- The scarletquince offers a chart for the Cluny Tapestries... http://www.scarletquince.com/pat.php?pat=UNK011 And Dimensions sold a Cluny Tapestry kit copyright date 1979 designer Timothy Glenn. The charts may be too large to be in scale though - I couldn't find an actual stitch count for the kits listed on eBay. I have never stitched any of the Cluny pieces. I love the architecture of castles, but I haven't collected pieces in this period.... (my husband is so glad that I don't want my own castle in 1/12th scale!) I have had a wonderful experience seeing tapestries in person at the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston, and I have great appreciation for these pieces. I will ask the members of petitpointers Yahoo group if they have any other resources and will post.
  20. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    Thank you for the response. I guess I will give up on this and request my refund. I was interested in the Cluny designs. Do you know another source for these designs?
  21. Need info regarding Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery

    Hi Linda, I placed an order June 29, 2017. I phoned the owner twice, and she did not respond to phone calls or emails. I requested a refund via paypal at 30 days and received my refund on August 8, 2017.
  22. Can anyone give me information regarding the status of Bobbie Schoonmaker Microstitchery? Several of my needlework friends have ordered from the proprietor, but we have not had any response. Her merchandise is wonderful, but something has happened to the order fulfillment.
  23. Handworks 2015 in Amana Iowa

    hmmm....with all your tools in life size scale, wouldn't you want to make the Robertson tool chest in a life size version?
  24. Dream Structure Build

    At the dawn of 2018, my thoughts return to a dream structure build. I bought a pre-built Lawbre shell that I can bash... or at least use as reference for my roof lines for custom built house. Does anyone know someone who did a miniature 2x4 build? I think the wire runs are the biggest advantage, as you can run wire as you would normally, but how do you engineer, so you can finish? I was thinking of using crescent mat board for the walls. I love the concept of having a modular house; for easier access for room finishing. It is the roof lines that provide me with the largest portion of the puzzle, so I think I enrolled in the Marc Adams school of woodworking Sterotomy class to learn more about this topic. If I include a round tower, I can mount the roof on a larger lathe, but is there any wow factor to a roof done on a lathe? or should I build the roofs properly with rafters? Your thoughts and comments are most appreciated!
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  26. Art Nouveau Shop

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!!
  27. Thank you so much for the compliment. I like cafe terrace too and ironically I have a print of it! I think my wife bought it years ago. Maybe I’ll paint it one of these days
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