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      Great News for miniature artists!!!! In support of IGMA and the world of fine miniatures,  Micro-Mark the small tool specialists, have offered IGMA a 10% discount on all their purchases.  Buyer gets 10% off all purchases and in support of the Guild Micro-Mark will donate 5% of your purchased price to IGMA Be sure to enter Promo code IGMASAVE16 www.micromark.com Can be used on sale merchandise, but cannot be combined with another offer.  For example if an item is in the close-out section on the Micromark website, the discount will apply. If they discount some items in an email (a special promotion) the 10% will not be able to be combined with that offer.  Time to go shopping!!!      

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  2. Miniature Masterworks, September 2017

    Thank you so much for posting the photos! I would love to see Jack's piece too.
  3. Last week
  4. Miniature Masterworks, September 2017

    I have a couple of photos from Pete Acquisto and others, but unable to attach... I think they should be posted here, not in the gallery, as they are snapshots. Please advise, as my photos have exceeded my limitations.
  5. Jack O Lantern with Flicker Light

    Gosh the inside of the pumpkin looks very real; wonderful texture, and I like the arch of the black cat's back. These are fun sculpts... I can see you have multiple talents!
  6. Bending wood?

    In case you are not aware, Lime wood is basswood in the USA, here is a link to the wood database. Basswood is inexensive hardwood if you are in the USA, and easily available to hobby stores nationwide. http://www.wood-database.com/basswood/ I was in a class with Nancy Summers at Guild School and she used Cherry Wood for our project that year. The class was upholstering, not creating the furniture, but I'm sure my curved piece was solid wood, not veneer as it is easily seen in the end grain. My personal preference when I am painting something is to use basswood. If I am staining I like cherry or walnut as it is easily obtainable in our 'neck of the woods'. Remember to review wood toxicities too, especially, if you have allergies and to wear a dust mask with power equipment. I probably would not wear a dust mask when I was using hand carving tools, only when using electrical equipment... If you want steamed pear or boxwood, you can import, find online and/or at hardwood lumber suppliers or purchase from Steve Goode. I have purchased from SHGoode in the past. http://shgoode.com/ The advantage of working with Steve is that he is a minature lumber supplier. If you purchase online, you are not likely to get the thickness of wood that you may desire, so it has be resawn on a bandsaw, or planed to the correct thickness for your project.
  7. Best wood thickness

    Do you have the item in your possession that is the subject of the photo? If yes, I would measure the wood of this item. My new translated version of Roubo on Furniture is supposed to be delivered today. I can't wait to go though this book, and I suspect the answers will be there for lovely french furniture.... and while I also love Chippendale, I am drawn to Aubusson and Savonnerie Rugs, and lovely french furniture should be used with those beautiful floral rugs. If you have any interest in the construction of french furniture, I am using the book I found at www.lostartpress.com as my reference. You can also purchase instructions for french furniture in miniature from Meghan at http://www.dorsettpublications.com/. (Helen & Jim Dorsett published The Scale Cabinetmaker, I think if my memory works there were 21 Volumes, and Meghan is their daughter.) Good Luck!
  8. Watering Can

    oh, gosh a silver watering can? what happens to it when you go put water in it? Both are beautiful specimens, but I am happiest with a less expensive metal for my watering can. Perhaps the wealthy folks used a silver watering can....I have no experience with this one... Catherine, it is wonderful that you were able to add to the tool collection... Having the correct tools just makes the project more enjoyable! Congratulations, this is a wonderful accomplishment!
  9. Watering Can

    If you want to upgrade your project we have a very similar one made of Italian Solid Silver (it's a vintage piece) on www.silverissimo.com
  10. Ciao Guys, I hope this is the right place where to post something like this Some of them are still available. Who likes solid silver miniatures like I do?! Alby
  11. Me, My Partner, My Sister, My Friend

    Hi, My name is Alberto and I am the founder of Silverissimo, a family business run by few people. It all started as a hobby once I was sacked after 8 years because my manager discovered I was going to adopt another child with my partner, ergo, being entitled of a 12 months adoption leave. As disappointed as I was I started this project and...well, here we are! (just in case, if you want to have a look at it, it is about solid silver miniatures www.silverissimo.co.uk ). I think this forum can help me to understand terminologies (I am not a native English speaker) about this "magic" world of the miniatures. Always happy to learn! Ciao! Alby
  12. Bending wood?

    Hi Kathe, I admire your ambition to make a sofa like this as your first furniture item in wood, although as you are painting it, you could consider using 3mm (1/8") plywood. A much cheaper way of trying out miniature woodworking. Rather than bending the rails I would cut them 'in the flat' and shape them by sanding the edges (actually I would still do that if I made it from 'proper' wood). You then angle the ends to fit higher at the back and lower at the front post. That way you can first make the seat then the rails and the internal upright bits. Look for some photos of what it looks like without the upholstery. The upholstery I would do using panels made of card and some quilt wadding on the inside first and finish off with panels on the back. just for info: you could bend veneer up to 2mm (3/32") by making a mold. I've done this with ladderback chairs. The added advantage is that they all end up the same. Just a block of wood that you saw in half with a slightly deeper curve than you want, that you can clamp together with rubber bands. The grain of the veneer has to be in the same direction as the curve. As the sofa will be painted I would only use carvable wood where it is necessary for carving. Carving works best on lime, steamed pear and boxwood. I prefer steamed pear. I've tried mahogany, but it splintered too much. You mentioned Ash, but I think it has too course a grain for miniatures. I started carving with a short scalpel and a very cheap set of miniature screwdrivers (£3-£4 then) that I angled and sharpened on sandpaper to make mini chisels with 220, 320 and 1200 grit, just because I had these. I had no prior knowledge of these kind of tools or how to use them. These mini screwdriver chisels don't last long as the metal is quite soft, so you have to resharpen them quite often, but trying this first gives you time to investigate a good set of micro or mini chisels and gouges or learn to make your own. There is a series of 3 YouTube videos, by Patrick Sullivan, titled Making Detail Carving Tools. He makes it look easy and you don't need much in terms of tools and prior knowledge of metal working. There is also a YouTube video of David Hurley working on a set of miniature carved and bent chairs on Lee Stoffer's channel from about a year ago. I was amazed at his tiny workspace! Good luck with your sofa! Idske
  13. Hi all, what wood thickness is the standard or best to use when making mini furniture? I want to carve the wood as well as bend it. Any good sources on line for wood for miniatures? Thanks!!
  14. The black cat needed a Halloween Pumpkin. I'm a fan of Sugarcharmshop on You Tube and used her method of making a polymer clay Jack O Lantern. Got a flicker LED tea candle at the dollar store and took it apart to see how it worked. I got it to work in the lantern and the battery can be changed. It's not finished though. Still have to do some work with acrylic paints and shading and then seal it with glaze.
  15. 1:12 Scale Scared Black Cat

    Had to do a 1/12 scale black scared Halloween cat. She is entirely felted including the eyes, tongue and teeth.
  16. Wood carving set advice

    Hi Kathe, Welcome to the forum.... My first set of micro carving tools was a set of dockyard carving tools... knowing myself, they are probably the middle size. I got a couple of tools from Elizabeth G, at a GS Seminar (Carving a ball & claw foot), and then added a small starter set of the flexcut tools. I can also borrow tools from husband's collection...as long as I pay attention to the rules... like put them back after finished and do not let them bang around. I go back and forth, always buy the smallest? or buy the medium size... or buy ALL of them... I still only have my original set. If you are planning to carve the piece that was the recent subject posted for the bending wood? then I think I would want the smallest size tools. Two Cherry tools are very nice, (aka Expensive) but if you love the best quality in your tools, I would consider this brand too... oh and these are available at my local woodwoking store, so I can see them in person before buying. Some people carve with a dremel or foredom flex shaft, but I prefer to carve by hand, as I need all the control possible. If you do purchase the dockyards, they could fit perfectly in a magnetically closing eyeglasses case, and you can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and purchase clear plastic tubing to slip over the blades to protect them from damage. Another option is to repurpose leather from a large purse or tote, and sew a leather roll for them as you do want to prevent damage.
  17. Miniature Masterworks, September 2017

    Thank you to our Guild Committee and all of the board members who volunteered and worked diligently to bring this event together. It was I N C R E D I B L E !! I was thrilled with the items I was able to purchase and my only regret is that I couldn't buy everything as there was so many wonderful treasures. I could have easily spent $10,000 in about 10 minutes, on just one side of one sales area ... Leslie Smith's painting of Adele Bloch - Bauer I was one of the favorite items that didn't come home with me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portrait_of_Adele_Bloch-Bauer_I Hosting this event at the museum was a perfect backdrop... the gallery talks gave us a glimpse of the history that surrounded the creative process, and the opportunity to ask an artisan about a technique was incredible... and while this opportunity also exists when you participate in workshops or Guild School with the instructors, the opportunity to talk to the artisan one on one at the gallery talk was rare... I didn't have problems navigating Kansas City, and even found an entire neighborhood of storybook houses that I would have loved to have toured in more detail. It was fun to see our new artisan's participate, Dustin from Michigan (USA), Victoria from Russia, and Elga from South Africa, and I hope they had wonderful first shows! And our veteran instructor Elizabeth G was also at her first show and I think she was having fun too. I got to discuss Catherine's Palace (at the Kentucky Gateway Museum) with Robert Dawson and even brought my Mulvaney & Roger's book for Susie and Kevin's autographs.... and talked with Susie about the wonderful experience of being a grandma. The submissions pieces were wonderful... and the only thing I would have changed was a brief photo op of all the submission pieces.... so I'm sending emails and then based upon response I'll post pics for the FMF. I was so surprised to see Anne R, a fellow of Needlework at this show... and it was great to see her again and share part of a day. Thank you again to the Guild! It was a memorable weekend, and I'm sure I will be smile each time I look at the new treasures!
  18. Miniature Masterworks, September 2017

    Here is the First Place Winner of the Masterworks 2017 event. Congratulations to Rohit Khanna! (Photo found on the Guild's facebook page...)
  19. Miniature Masterworks, September 2017

    2nd Place was awarded to Jack Cashmere for an incredibly delicate porcelain masterpiece. hopefully picture will follow...
  20. Miniature Masterworks, September 2017

    The National Museum of Toy/miniatures and the IGMA committee hosted an incredible event for Collectors and Artisans. I enjoyed the presentation of the awards! Third Place was presented first to Althea Crome for a beautiful knitted Nativity... and as a fiber fan, who can't even pretend to knit, this piece was exquisite! (This image was taken by Bonnie Backe from the Guild's facebook page.)
  21. Bending wood?

    Hello again Miniature Studios! Thanks for all the info. If you can still see the photo of the sofa I added.... are you able to tell me what thickness veneer I should order? If it's going to be painted should I just get the least expensive and most flexible? I very much appreciate your help!
  22. Wm. R. Robertson's TED talk is online

    Great talk Bill, I have seen people share it on Facebook but haven't had time to watch it until now.
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  24. Wm. R. Robertson's TED talk is online

    Hello all,My TEDxKC talk is now online on YouTube. Please watch and post to your Facebook, Instagram and whatever since I don't do any of those things. The more folks view it the better for me!For those that don't know me well I have for the last 40 years built fine scale miniatures of all sorts of tools, scientific instruments and the like. This TEDxKC talk was given in front of 3,000+ people on Aug. 18th in Kansas City.It shows my work, my workshop and even touches on my antique tool collection.Enjoy and pass it around! (Please)DETAILS MATTERDetails matter: a micro mechanician in the modern era | Bill Robertson | TEDxKC - YouTube
  25. Miniature Murder Scenes

    I think she was in some circles. Mican (the curator of the Thorne rooms) was telling us about her after a Gallery talk at the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum's Miniature Masterworks event. The whole event was wonderful!
  26. Watering Can

    Great job! I don't think a girl can have too many tools! Tamra, Elga and I were talking about this last night! By the way, Kansas City was great! Wish you all had been there!
  27. Watering Can

    Gail, Thank you. I think they got it wrong... It's tools that are a girls best friend. Oops... I see there is some Blu-tack stuck in one of the holes in the watering head. I'll just pretend it's a bit of garden grunge. ;-)
  28. Watering Can

    Catherine, how many girls can say they own a new hydraulic press with a 20 ton jack? That's what I love about this hobby so much! I love your watering can! gail
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