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  2. I’ve tightened things up a bit and added wine bottles and glasses. I have more tightening up to do and two more figures and then I’ll probably start to work on the frame. I’d like to attempt at a replica of the actual frame that is on the painting.
  3. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    Just 14" of space? that is wonderful. Now I am hopeful! The windows are amazing!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    Hi WeekendMiniaturist, Many a cold winter day I have had my hot chocolate while warming myself next to my kiln. All you need is 14 inches space all around your kiln and it will be OK. You do NOT need a big kiln. Some of the smaller kilns use a regular household plug. The slightly bigger ones like mine use a large dryer plug. I had my kiln in the laundry room and would just switch the plug out with the dryer. You can find them often on Craigslist. Sometimes you can get a bargain. Kilns are tough. Not much goes wrong with them and they are easy to repair. I fire the glass paints and enamels at a cone 022. Around 1087 degrees F.
  6. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    The finished windows. To be shipped on Monday morning.
  7. Last week
  8. For me it would the Studley Tool Chest

    A new modern Studley Tool chest hits the cover of Popular Woodworking Magazine December 2017 issue #236. "Recreating the Studley" written by Don Williams...the author of the Studley Tool Cabinet Coffee Table book Published by Lost Art Press. I am not even close to having this number of tools, but I would love to have a much smaller, portable tool chest for my gravers, calipers, jewelers saw, etc, etc... the problem is how do you plan for future tools? I am very much at the beginning of my tool acquisitions... Oh to dream of french fitted cabinets, inlays, and beautiful dovetails for your miniature making adventures... someday...
  9. Handcrafted vs. Technologically Created Objects

    I don't think it is a matter of guilt, I think it is a matter of skill and outcome. Today's craftsperson should take advantage of all tools available... if the test is one of purity for the highest standard of creating fine miniatures as the original was made in xxxx period of time, then we couldn't use electricity to plug in our soldering irons, table saw, or router. While I think it would be good for me to hook my lathe up to a belt and pedal to turn to burn calories, I'm not going to do this, and will continue to plug my lathe in. Software / CNC options improve efficiency for the creator, and if you are selling, this can improve your profit (after the cost of software and equipment). Having said this, my cabinetmaking husband can probably cut all the parts out and be ready for assembly, long before I have something programmed and he lives in the life size world and has to contend with much larger pieces of wood... I will cheerfully work with him in the shop, but if we were both doing a chair, I suspect his chair will be cut out and ready for carving, and I will still be mulling over the grain options and milling my wood to the correct thickness at that same point that he is ready for assembly; the question is can I learn to program faster then he can cut it out... so it is a function of time; the amount of time learning curve to program, or time spent cutting out parts with different pieces of equipment. If you do not already own a lot of equipment a CNC may take up less space for similar outcomes.
  10. Handcrafted vs. Technologically Created Objects

    Who looking at the piece of furniture you created with the aid of a pin router could possibly tell by looking at that piece if you used a pattern that you cut with a fret saw versus one you cut with a laser?
  11. Another slight addition of the couple in the corner and the single drinker who sits close to them. In addition, a few touch ups.
  12. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    I have never seen this in miniature before; amazing! I lam looking forward to the application of the enamels. What temperature do you fire your enamels (at?), and what is your current favorite kiln. I have been avoiding the kiln conversation; as it is cold here in the winter, I have cars in my garage, and I do not know where to put a kiln... without adding another whole section to the house... you know that kiln that resulted in a multi-story addition to our home...
  13. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    Not a lot has changed from the Renaissance period when it comes to making painted stained glass windows. One thing would be that you can plug in the soldering iron instead of heating it over coals. Progress on the miniature windows. Fine line work and shading are done. On to the enamels.
  14. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    If I could go back in time, I would want to see the Rugs in France and and the flemish Tapestries on the looms... but during the Renaissance period, it would be fun to see the tools they used, and to see how Stained Glass windows were made for Churches or grand Castles...I am guessing that this kind of work was done by Men. I wonder if any ladies of the court were allowed in the work rooms. A couple of years ago, I read that famous tool maker Holtzappfel allowed his daughter to use a lathe, and this revelation as of now, is my only find of a woman using any tools... that were not meant for cooking or needlework. (Although Holtzappfel's lathes were made for Kings and wealthy Lords.) I am happy to be living in this period of time!
  15. Sixth installment of “Night Cafe”, but a minor one

    It is magic! Chairs have appeared! I really appreciate the lighting in this picture, and with my one painting experience, understanding the effect you want and getting a paint brush, hand and mixture of paint to behave, can be very challenging for me.
  16. I’ve done a little more, but will probably tighten things up.
  17. Earlier
  18. I’m adding another sort of minor installment- just chairs. I’ll probably add more or less from time to time because I won’t be able to work on it this weekend, but there you go!
  19. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    The glass is the 2mm thick glass from the frame bought at the Dollar Store.
  20. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    Yes! "Cartoon" means "pattern". Interesting that it means that in tapestry also. Stained glass windows and tapestries were basically the comic books of the middle ages. They told stories in "cartoon" form for a people who mostly couldn't read. The churches and cathedrals told biblical stories (and other stories) through the windows. Tapestries might tell tales of battles. Yes again. I'll be using enamels for the color in these windows. The outlines and shading will be the traditional paint for real painted stained glass. Fired these last night. These represent the lead lines. These are the thickest lines. Today I'll do the thin lines, fire them again, shade them, fire them again then do the enamels and one more firing.
  21. How to Post Photos in Topics

    Thanks Missy, I do not have an instagram or FB account, but I can see your photos...
  22. How to Post Photos in Topics

    It just occurred to me that links to instagram photos could be posted here. I don't think you have to have an instagram account to view the photos. I could be wrong, as I have a grand total of 5 photos on instagram, and I'm not very familiar with how it works. Here's a test link: Ha, I pasted in the link and got the picture itself.
  23. Sixth installment of “Night Cafe”, but a minor one

    Very nice! Can’t wait to see the finished piece!
  24. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    My brain is telling me that the word "Cartoon", another word for "pattern" was also used in weaving tapestries. As you indicate you have a kiln, are you using enameling techniques?
  25. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    Repairs were done to the real windows. Decided to leave the repair lines IN the miniatures as well.
  26. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    The line drawings of all four windows has been done. Sharpie on acetate. Then they were scanned and reduced to the actual size of the miniature window. These are very small real windows even in the real stained glass world. The black tracing glass paint will be put on with the calligraphy pens. It is made by REUSCHE & CO. The black outlined sketch is called a "cartoon". It shows where the lead lines would be. I also put in a shorthand type of sketching for the figures. The miniature windows will look better if I do NOT cut out each piece of glass and "lead" them together. I'm going to trace paint the lead lines in so that all will be flat and square. With light coming through the finished piece (all stained glass windows should be viewed this way) you won't be able to tell that these were not actually leaded. The trace paint will be fired on the clear glass in a kiln so it absolutely will not ever come off.
  27. Upton House Stained Glass Windows

    Collie Feathers, This will be fun forum topic. I know you are bringing a lot of life size experience to this miniature project. I will stayed 'glued' to the forum!
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